Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Wildest Dreams
2014 review
When a girl who isn't a fan of fantasy type books discovers KA wrote a fantasy series and takes a chance, she falls hard! Or maybe, it's because Frey and Finnie were just PERFECT and their story was exactly what I needed to read - fun, adventure, a touch of tears, lots of laughter, and just an easy, long, enjoyable read! I didn't want to leave this world at all!!

2019 audio cover to cover reread.
Ending the year revisiting and falling hard all over again for one of my favorite ever fantasy stories.

Rocky Ground by Kaylea Cross

Rocky Ground
Such an awesome story! Loved how Tiana refused to give up and kept fighting even though, man, her burdens were heavy and scary - and made my heart both shatter and weep. I simply adored Aidan's pursuit of Tiana and how he was all about keeping Tiana and Ella safe and in his life. His protection and confidence and drive worked perfectly for me. The events that bonded Tiana and Aiden together were intense and kept me at the edge of my seat, and that ending??? Omgoodness! Loved every heart-racing moment.

Monday, December 30, 2019

One Winter Knight anthology

One Winter Knight Dec 2019
Arrow to the Heart by Deborah Macgillivray
I'm really enjoying these little tie-ins to the Dragons of Challon world. This time we two hurting people, both desperate to belong, both desperate to feel security. Fletcher struggled to accept the truth of his place in Coinnler Wood, mostly due to being stuck in his own head, and then fighting off one of his biggest desires: the Lady Geljon. Geljon knew she was safe and desperately sought after that comfort with Fletcher no matter how much he tried to erect barriers between them. She had her own bit of stubbornness and struggled with what was expected of her vs what her heart desired. Loved how it all played out with surprises and twists to give them their hearts' desire.

Dec 2017
My Forever Love by Cheryl Pierson
Logan and Noelle's story warmed me up on a cold winter's night! They were selected for each other in an arranged marriage that both initially faught against. But then after meeting, Logan fell in love with her, while Noelle wasn't aware of everything going on around her. Sweetness and excitement carry through to their happily ever after.

Nov 2018
To Play with Cats by Patti Sherry-Crews
Giggle and swoons!! I was needing something different to knock me out of a book funk and PSC's To Play with Cats story did the trick perfectly!

First, we have a sweet and adorable heroine who reminds me alot of me... Especially in her mobility skills. Lol

Then we have the big, strong, manly hero who needed some time to get his head straightened out (what good hero doesn't have some flaw... Lol), but who still could make me swoon.

Wrap them up snug in a castle with a little bit of drama and excitement and you have a sweet Christmas happily-ever-after for a knight and his lady love.

*rest of stories on my tbr list

Sunday, December 29, 2019

One Snowy Knight by Deborah Macgillivray

One Snowy Knight
Give me a knight in battle-scarred armor with a dream he refuses to give up, and I'll be his damsel.

There is so much going on from the first pages of the story, you can feel the overwhelming burden that lays on Skena's shoulders and empathize with her struggles to keep hold of her dreams and desires. However, just like any true warrior woman, despite the mounting struggles, she refused to give up and give in. I adored her as a mother, and melted with her as she fell for her knight, and identified with her as a strong woman.

Noel de Servian survived years of war clinging to his humanity and future wishes, only to find his own weighty burden from the last battle may destroy all he clings to. However, just like any true warrior, the moment he sees the opportunity presented before him, he goes above and beyond to lay claim to his reward of family and home and peace. I loved his confidence in claiming Skena and her children, and his powerful desire to protect and provide for them... no matter the enemy.

So much was happening in the story with all the adventure, adversaries, worries, and intrigue, but through it all you could also clearly discern Noel and Skena's deep desire grow beyond their instant attraction and solidify into something strong and beautiful. All the trials served their purpose, to meld the two together stronger than before. Noel loving on Skena's children was also shown in a variety of ways that left little doubt just where he stood with them, and it's always heartmelting to see a big strong man be gentle with little ones. Another thing that stood out to me was the family bonds with the Challon men. Brotherhood like theirs was something unique, and they cherished and nurtured it like the treasure it is.

I savored my time back in Scotland with the Dragons of Challon and I'm looking forward to discovering who's story is up next. In the mean time, I have some novellas to check out.

One Christmas Knight anthology

One Christmas Knight
The Selkie's Daughter by Deborah Macgillivray

Sweet little tale of two lonely souls who crave home and someone to belong to. Fighting both mental fears along with tangible enemies, and a surprising native custom, Annys and Rhys grab hold of their Yultide wishes and find their hea. Cute short story to while away a winter afternoon and loved the tie-in to the Challons.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Protector by Cristin Harber

49092277. sy475

The Protector delivers an unforgettable story with an abundance of heart palpitations!

Going seamlessly from a war-torn desert rescue to the ritzy glamour of the rich-and-famous, you're kept on your toes and encountering all the feels. Mixing fear with hope and laughter, chaos with nuggets of truth and adventure, the hits keep coming and force the pages to keep turning.

Chance and Jane both embody so many of my favorite hero/heroine characteristics, making it easy to identify and connect with Jane and swoon and fall for Chance.

I adored how the protective theme was presented in several ways - unique spins just as each person is unique. All have the same heart and motivation, just the actions themselves are different.

There's also another theme weaved into the story that touched me deeply, and I don't want to ruin the impact of it by mentioning it fully here. Just know.... it's one we've all struggled with and need to hear the truth over and over again. And the way it was presented in this story.... pure beauty!

Chance and Jane's story is most assuredly a favorite one that I look forward to revisiting time and time again. Not only is it an excellent addition to the Aces series (which I also adore book 1), but it compliments the Titan world perfectly while still being fully stand-alone.

This is not a story to be missed; fans of military/romantic suspense will not be disappointed, and fans of Cristin Harber will be delighted to discover everything they've come to expect from her storytelling.

If you're new to Cristin Harber, this book is a perfect choice to start with.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Dead By Midnight: An I-Team Christmas by Pamela Clare

Dead By Midnight: An I-Team Christmas

2019 Dec reread (audio)
Still breathstealingly amazing.
Everything from warm feel goods to have-to-stop-because-I'm-crying moments.
This almost needs to become a Christmas tradition just like Die Hard is one. Haha!

And just to say, it's been years since I've read the Iteam books and I still love the characters so much. They're still with me.


So I really struggled with starting Death By Midnight right away. I didn't want the book to end, I knew once I got started I wouldn't want to stop reading it, I know how much blood, sweat and tears Pamela Clare and her crew put into it, and I wanted to honor that amount of time and work and not have my part of it rushed. So I downloaded it yesterday and walked away. Went to bed late and figured with it being so late, I'd skip reading.... Then changed my mind, and cracked open my Kindle and eyed Marc's cover.... And tapped... And the rest is history!!

This is such a beautiful story that sucked me in and delivered all the feels!! I was laughing, I was crying, I was hiding under the covers in fear, and I was turning the fan up higher to cool down (whew, did it get hot!!)!!

I love Marc (oh my goodness!!) and his Sprite (they're still my top fav couple, with Zach and Natalie being right behind them), and of course the rest of the gang!! I enjoyed every moment of catching up with everyone and seeing the connection and bonds they've built. This novella is an absolutely totally perfect way to end this series! Perfect high note!

Someone said this was like ITEAM meets Die Hard - and I totally agree!!

So even though the book ended too quickly for me, I'll be rereading this story often! Now that is even more a compliment to an author!!

The cameo appearance of Kaylea Cross's HRT guys was a blast!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Baiting Him
Baiting Him is a sweet, adorable, and lighthearted story, easy to fall into and not want to escape. There was just enough drama to keep the story moving, but it wasn't overwhelming or heavy-feeling. Loved the moments of tough love and how most of the conflict came from outside sources. Once Chrissie and Gaston got on the same page (which really didn't take long - another win!), it was them together against the trials.

Loved Gaston's pursuit of Chrissie, always being the safe spot she didn't even realize how badly she needed. Loved Chrissie's big heart and how she took care of the people in her life.

I'm loving this new series of ARR's and I'm looking forward to what the next book has in store.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Husband for Christmas by Sarah J. McNeal

A Husband for Christmas
Teekonka and Jane's (and Rob!) happily-ever-after delivers a preciously sweet and heartwarming Christmas story, perfect for a quick read amidst the busy of the season.

Teekonka embodied patience and gentleness pursuing Jane, and built a special relationship with her son. He knew what he wanted and he was willing to do what was necessary to get the family he needed, and provide them with their dreams as well. Jane showed beauty and devotion while she sorted out her head and embraced the gift of a future she craved.

It was fun getting to reconnect with previous characters from the Wilding series and see what they're up to.

Monday, December 9, 2019

The Snow Bride by Lindsay Townsend

The Snow Bride
The Snow Bride delivers a thrilling tale of magic, adventure, and love.

I adored Magnus!! I loved how he was not the flashy knight-in-shining-armor, but instead was battle-scarred and weary, was someone who's proved himself and could be counted on to keep fighting through any and every battle. He desperately sought after a seemingly unattainable dream and watching him realize Elfrida was his dream come to life - what he wished for and then more - melted my heart. The gentleness he showed Elfrida balanced wonderfully with his protectiveness that flared around her.

Elfrida had a heart that overflowed with devotion and compassion, even as much as she struggled to truly find her place. She had a special kind of wisdom and a stubborn tenacity that saw her through her journey, and afforded her the opportunity to learn that she wasn't on her own fighting battles anymore.

I enjoyed watching the two of them learn to compromise and trust each other - which was very much a challenge with their temperaments and instincts. Their ability to communicate and make reparations quickly also showed strength and confidence. Their strengths played well off the other, even if sometimes you were wanting to join the other in shaking someone... haha.

If you enjoy a adventure story filled with knightly brawn and magical good-vs-evil, this is a fantastic story to snuggle up with on the long, dark winter nights.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Delta: Redemption by Cristin Harber

Delta: Redemption
5+ overwhelming beautiful swoon-y stars for this Aussie and midwest-girl Delta story!


2019 audio book reread
The audio book brought a whole new life to this story, and just like the first time I experienced it, I'm still adoring this story so hard. Plus, new live experiences give a bit different perspective, and Ryder and Victoria's story hit even deeper.

Gotta love when rereads touch you just as uniquely and in a new special way.


Original review.

I should have known better... prepared myself more... but no!! Even though in the back of my head I knew this was a Delta story so something's gonna happen and happen in a big way, I let myself get lulled into a place of comfort and peace despite the struggles/heartache with the first part of the story - until that moment when suddenly the floor dropped out and my happy-place was shattered and off we go on an intense roller coaster ride! I completely loved. Every. Breathstealing. Moment.

I liked loved:

1. How this story fits into the Titan timeline and how we got a taste of both some fun and easy downtime (real life) and then the adventure of work (ops).
2. How Ryder in his uncertainty still gave Victoria exactly what she needed.
3. How Victoria found her strength and stability in herself.
4. TITAN!! Everyone from Colby and Mia, to the Delta team, to Jared and Sugar, from Parker to Cash - they all were there in some way and it was awesome - whether just by their presence or by their actions or their nuggets of "pull your head out of your ***" wisdom.
5. SURPRISES!!! Loads of them! So many good ones sprinkled with shocking ones.
6. How Victoria and Ryder just WORKED -- they are perfection for each other.
7. How swoony sweet Ryder was, and still was all manly tough.
8. How strong and determined Victoria was, but still retaining her feminine vulnerability.
9. How redemption was discovered.
10. All the twists and turns and mystery and suspense and how history formed these two into what they became.
11. Surprises!! Did I mention that? Cause, there's alot there to love!
12. Being with Ryder and Victoria as they found and pursued their hea together.

I disliked:
1. That's it's *OVER* already! goodness!! As much as I want to see what happens, I hate seeing how close to the end I'm getting and maybe found some ways to slow it down a bit! haha! (good thing there's yet another awesome surprise at the end of the book to make up for it!) This is *so* going on my to-be-re-read soon list!

I love cracking open a new Titan/Delta book and getting to connect and fall in love with a new couple and live out their happily-ever-after with them, as well as reconnect with everyone else. Each book is a favorite while I'm there, but I think there's something a bit more special about this book than most of the others. It tugs on my heart-strings. It made me happy-sigh, over and over again. It gave me the omg-how-am-I-gonna-survive-this shakes. It overwhelmed me with beauty and contentment and joyous secret smiles. This is Delta. This is Titan.


Monday, November 25, 2019

Cricket Under Fire by Natasza Waters

48932810. sy475

Cricket Under Fire rocketed its way to my most favorite bookshelf. It blends the anticipation of new adventures with some comfort of previous characters (from her Warriors Challenge series), setting this first story in her spin off series with a blast!

I quickly connected to Rayne in several ways which drew me all the deeper into the story. I couldn't be an analyst like her, but in all the ways that truly matter, I identified with her softer strength, her trusting spirit, her innocent nature. She gave off this vibe of needing to be protected, but yet, also had a gentle confidence and ability around her that gave her the strength she needed to stand on her own.

And who better to match up a girl like that than an alpha warrior who's lifeblood demands he protects. Some men need that sweetly soft girl in their life to give them balance and purpose - Elijah was such a man. He knew Rayne was special from the moment he ran across her, and understood just how much her presence in his life could and would change him. He respected her but didn't let her hide away, and he protected her so she could stay the woman he needed. He was a leader of men, honorable, but stubborn and bossy.

Cricket Under Fire fed my reader soul bountifully. The heart-pounding moments, the swoony-sweet memories, the intense chemistry - all combined to build the anticipation and provides laughs, heat, and anxiety.

If you're a fan of military romance with suspense and adventure thrown in, this is your story. While it is written to be enjoyed as a stand-alone, readers of the Warrior Challenge series will be delighted by the presence of several beloved characters. I definitely recommend reading those stories as well, and am anxiously awaiting what's to come.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Gift of Christmas Hope by Kaye Spencer

A Gift of Christmas Hope
This is a delightful and steamy little Christmas tale to warm you up on the cold winter night!

I adored the history/connection between Mara and Neal, which provides the perfect set up to deepen their re-connection. Their banter and tenacity with each other kept me entertained.

Mixing in some treasure and some Christmas hope, this short story sweetly satisfies.

Monday, November 18, 2019

The Savior by Cristin Harber

The Savior
Nov 2019 reread
I don't know exactly what it is that keeps me coming back to this story over and over again, but each time I finish I fall in love just a little bit harder and walk away with something new touching my heart, besides just soaking in the hard fought for happily ever after.

Omgoodness y'all. Be prepared. The Savior will capture your heart, wring it empty of every little drop of emotion, then fill it to overflowing with breath-stealing goodness!

Liam and Chelsea's story start out with their world being shattered and learning how to keep living through intense grief. Their intense pain and struggle with healing from that loss mixed with conflict from work related situations that have some scary real-life-threatening consequences just seem like it's too much to deal with, and you find yourself holding your breath waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Liam rocked my world with how much he felt, how deeply he loved, how intensely and deliberately he lived life. Chelsea won me over with her compassion, realness, devotion, and her spirit. Together they find healing, trust, and a crazy fun and treasured love.

Throw in some spec ops missions, shocking revelations, frustrating word games, and a quirky cute lesson in romance and you have a high-charged action adventure along with a captivating love story. Oh, and you can't forget the Titan-esque moments that make you secretly giddy.

Hidden within the pages of this story are several nuggets of truth and tough love and grace. They translate perfectly from the story into the reader's head, settling there and showing the beauty behind the life lessons, and hopefully sinking deep to acceptance.

I was shaken by how viscerally I reacted to this story, soaking up all the emotions and feeling like I was living their journey with them. Words have a power to them, and if allowed, can embed and overflow -- which The Savior did for me.

So, basically -- get this book, buckle in, remember to breathe, turn the page and hang on for an intense ride. You won't regret it.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Luke by Kimberly Lewis

Luke and Karlie's story provided a much enjoyed easy and light-hearted read, with just enough drama to keep things moving. I loved Karlie's confidence and her flirty fun attitude. I adored Luke's protective instincts and how when he fell for Karlie, he fell hard and it didn't matter what his past was, he was all in. The family bonds and interactions provided some hilarious comic relief.

And I gotta say, this story made me want to go out and find a horse to pet and ride.

This was my first book (audio) by Kimberly Lewis and I'm looking forward to backtracking some and getting the other McKade's stories when looking for a palette cleanser story.

btw, the narrator on this book - absolutely terrific!!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Will by Kristen Ashley

The Will

love love LOVE Josie and Jake's story! Add in the awesome kids and poof! My heart is gone!

I adore how Josie and Jake get involved and grow their relationship. Mix in the rest of the crew/town/friends and Jake gettin' all alpha and then his fights? Yup, Jake owns my heart, no doubt!

One of my top fav KA books (shoot, aren't they all almost like that!)

Nov 2019 cover to cover reread. ...... Still absolutely in love with this story. Every emotion felt deep down and bubbled over. Was rereading parts before finishing it up.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Veils by Brynne Asher

45554036. sy475

Veils delivers all the heart racing and pounding adventure mixed in with sweetly beautiful moments I've come to expect from the Killers series.

Gracie and Noah's story became so much more than what I was hoping and expecting to get, which absolutely delighted me and kept me riveted to my kindle, fighting between wanting to read faster to see what happens next and wanting to slow down so it wouldn't end yet.

I loved the match of healer Gracie combined with killer Noah, and how each had exactly what the other desperately needed. There's something swoon-worthy about a man who knows what he wants and doesn't allow anything to get in his way.... anything! And then having the girl be the soft that helps to smooth out her man's rough edges? Add in the beauty that comes from friendships and family, and the intense way that love is shown, magic is created.

As with all the other stories in the Killers series, Veils quickly became a favorite and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for this story-world.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Gunslinger by Cynthia Breeding

Gunslinger: A Six Guns and Prairie Roses Novel

This was a fun twist on the usual gunslinger stories. Mixing a bit of insta-connection/attraction with slow burn, and a bit of mystery with intrigue, the Gunslinger provides a light-hearted but attention grabbing story.

I enjoyed getting to be in both Luke and Abigail's heads at they tried to figure the other out, keep secrets hidden, fight their attraction, and find their new place in life. Luke, while having a pretty tragic event in his past, didn't seem overly wounded or hardened (which is what you kinda expect for a gunslinger, or maybe what I've been conditioned to expect) - in fact, he proved himself to be quite put together and teasingly charming. I loved the moments where his protective instincts overflowed and he didn't back down - and the other moments where he refused to give in and kept pursuing what he (and Abigail) needed. Abigail was endearing in her street-smarts, her determination to leave her past and turn over a new leaf, and her sweet (but at times surprisingly confident) innocence despite her past. There was a moment of deja vu in the story, and I loved how the actions played out organically provided the confirmation Luke and Abigail needed in their relationship.

If you're looking for a easy to read story that provides some spice and mystery with a sweet love story, this would work!

Fast Lane by Kristen Ashley

Fast Lane
This story stuck with me and gave me quite the hangover, to where I needed some time to process it.

I loved the way it felt like I was watching a VH1 behind-the-music documentary, and how it made me believe the band was really REAL and this wasn't a fictional story I was reading. I enjoyed seeing the story unfold through Jesse's pov/interviews mostly (even if I kinda do wish we'd have gotten to hear more about some of Jesse's personal journey and kinda feel jipped we didn't). Fast Lane kept with KA's usual format, where it was not just a couple's love story, but the band's story and a love story of friends/brothers-of-the-heart. While I do kinda wish we had gotten some more time either interviewing Preacher or getting the story from his pov, I'm not sure if I could have handled always being in Lyla or Preacher's head with some things that happened - so after I got into the rhythm of the story, it totally worked for me hearing it mostly from Jesse.

I hurt (horrifically badly) with some moments, choices, and some aspects of the story (but I'll admit, a few threads did "fit" with the rock'n'roll band part of the story, even if they're things I try to avoid exposure to), to where while I deeply enjoyed the story overall, not sure if I can reread this book (after all my initial rereads the day after I finished just to help process the hangover). Just me personally. :)

I also wish that we've have gotten some lyrics to the songs that the band wrote (although I see that KA has a website for readers to submit lyrics, so... (shrug)) - just felt like that was missing. Not even the entire song, but a few lines would have been a sweet touch. And sometimes I felt kinda overwhelmed with the music choices included... idk.

Another reviewer mentioned it was nice that there was more story and not so much intimate time detailed out (after some of the extremes of several recent releases), and I have to agree, I appreciated that as well. I have pointed out to several people before that some of my favorite KA intimate times ended up being 3-5 lines of innocent words that because of the build up before almost became hotter than the 2-3 pages of details (but there were alot of good longer moments mixed in there too).

Otherwise, Preacher rocked (well, except for a couple of choices/words/events that just.....), Lyla was adorable, Jesse was awesome, and this was quite the book to fall into and experience.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Wildest Dreams by Rosanne Bittner

Wildest Dreams
Oct 2019 reread

It's been a few years since I last visited Wildest Dreams, and what started as a "read a few favorite scenes to get over a Rosanne Bittner hangover from reading Ride the High Lonesome" idea quickly changed to where I was lost in the story and had to keep going till the end. I had forgotten so much to where in some ways it felt like a new to me read, but at the same time, I felt the comfort of a long-lost friend.

Luke and Lettie's story remains high on my favorite shelf. There's just something about reading a couple's story where they fall in love and start building a family together from early on in the book and we get to experience their life together -- raising their family, surviving the tragedies, rejoicing in the triumphs, dreaming, pursuing, changing, growing.... living. There's such beauty in watching the bond deepen between Luke and Lettie through the decades and how that flows down to their children.

This family saga delivers what feels like a several book series into one volume - we get plenty of details and focused attention on events, but are also able to move forward through time smoothly and not feeling like anything was left out.

Wildest Dreams is an epic story that will sweep you away and consume your thoughts.

2013 review

I'm loving that Rosanne Bittner is starting to put her older novels out in kindle format - and I hope she continues because she writes some of the best historical romance novels I've found! I only read a couple of her books way back when and it wasn't until this year that I rediscovered her and was thrilled to read Wildest Dreams!

One reviewer mentioned that this wasn't much of a romance novel - and I'd have to disagree. Yes, it isn't the typical story where most of the book is dedicated to the falling in love part and ends at the wedding with an epilogue glimpse into the future. You do get to experience the falling-in-love part, however, this book spends most of the time focusing on their lives from the wedding on - and the romance and how their love grows through the years. Trust me, the romance is there and honestly, I enjoy experiencing books where the story continues way past the wedding. That's where true love is forged in steel and where romance blooms to it's fullest. Luke and Lettie are two of my favorite RB characters and this book will always remain on my keeper shelf! How they work together to build their family and cattle-empire and what they face to make those dreams come true will keep you enthralled from the first sentence to the last page!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ride the High Lonesome by Rosanne Bittner


Raw and poignant, Ride the High Lonesome seizes your attention from the start and keeps you spellbound until the end.

Fate intertwines Kate with Luke, at first simply for survival, and then as time goes on, as a peaceful solace to their hearts. In a time and place where surviving was a constant challenge, they provided motivation and strength to each other, quickly becoming the ideal match for each other. While both had a past that created mental wounds in desperate need of healing, that vulnerability left them open to the beauty they could find together. The trials encountered built the solid foundation and trust needed to heal and move forward, claiming the good out of life they both needed and desired.

I adored being there as Kate found her strength again, let go of her loneliness and fears, and settled into the love and security Luke provided. I think she's alot like most women out there - stronger and braver than she realized, and just needed the right encouragement and time to claim that for herself. I loved Luke's deep sense of honor, respect, protectiveness, and determination. He carried a heavy burden and had some dark demons messing with him, but he dug deep and didn't allow them to destroy the good he found in his Kate. Luke had his moments of larger-than-life virility, but it was perfectly woven in with moments of vulnerability and a touch of [make you wanna growl at him], keeping him real-to-life.

This story quickly became one of my top favorite Rosanne Bittner tales, with the emotional impact, epic story-telling, and the charm of an captivating love story. Bringing the wild vastness of Wyoming to life around me, I felt transported back in time and became lost in a different reality. I took my time reading this book just because I wanted to soak up every moment spent with Luke and Kate and didn't want it to end. And when it was over, after I took a few moments to soak it all in, I jumped back in to reread favorite parts... and I can't wait to revisit them again and again!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sioux Splendor by Rosanne Bittner

Sioux Splendor
It's interesting how a almost 30yr old story read 6 years after the first initial reading resonates so differently. Interesting how life experiences draw you to certain stories again and feed your readers heart with a whole new understanding.

I intimately experienced Cynthia and Red Wolf's soul deep attraction and connection and felt their pain at being ripped apart and trying to just keep surviving each day. And then the joyous REUNION where they discovered just how much they desperately needed the other.... Swept me away.

Loved this book now more than I did before.

It may be an older story, but it still captures attention yet today.

2013 review
Cynthia and Red Wolf had much to overcome before they could get their hea. Loved how they finally connected - my heart broke when they were torn apart, and I loved watching them finally make it back to each other's arms. Another Native American story that I just loved!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

In All Innocence by C.A. Asbrey

Buckle up and brace, because CA Asbrey’s IN ALL INNOCENCE is going to take you on a train ride turned rollercoaster and leave you gobsmacked.

The Quinn family is looking to settle down someplace and leave their past in the past, but of course, somehow manage to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a murderer becomes cornered on the train with them.  Knowing they need to stay under the radar, the whole family - Abi, Nat, and Jake - focuses on identifying the murderer and protecting their fellow passengers - and themselves - before the law shows up and starts digging around, potentially ending their fresh start.   When the dust settles, they take off again to take possession of their new future, Jake veering off path from the others attempt to reclaim a piece of his past that continues to haunt his every waking and sleeping moment.

With altering points of view, I experienced the adventures Nat and Abi encountered and dove further into Jake’s heart-wrenching past. Moments of light-hearted intrigue are mixed with agonizing revelations, which propelled me through the story at an incredible pace and left me aching for more.

As with the three previous books, Nat, Abi, and Jake continue to capture my attention, drawing me into their story as if I were there experiencing the journey with them.  What did seem different in this story was a more intimate view into their personal lives - almost a tangible connection to the characters.  I have a feeling as their stories continue to unfold, that intimacy will continue to deepen.  I love seeing the bond they have with one another and the protective instincts displayed.

CA Asbrey proves herself to be a masterful storyteller with how she layers and weaves a mystery and throws out just enough hints to keep her readers guessing and off track.  She also knows how to deliver some hilarious moments in the midst of intensity, providing both a welcome relief and a pausing distraction.  My ebook is highlighted all over the place with eye popping and hair raising moments of “wait…. did that just happen?” and laugh-out-loud undercover humor.

If you love mystery and adventure, a generous helping of mirth, a charming bit of romance, and a continuing family saga, The Innocents series is one to open the covers and fall into, with In All Innocence being an amazing piece of the tale.  Just be prepared, because this part of Nat, Abi, and Jake’s journey isn’t going to end how one might expect - there’s more of their story to be told... and that might just leave you speechless.

Her Passionate Hero by Caitlyn O'Leary

Her Passionate Hero
Completely blown away by Hunter and Aliana's story! I knew it sounded good and I'd most likely enjoy it from the blurb and the fact I usually enjoy this author's stories, but I was unprepared for how much this unrealized young love/second chance as adults romantic suspense story grabbed me and made me fall in love with both Hunter and Aliana.

Hunter is the best kind of protective, take charge and get his hands dirty, bossy, gentle and powerful alpha. He knew what he wanted and needed and what Aliana needed to see and pursued it with passion.

Aliana is the best kind of heroine for Hunter - being the strong kind who gives as good as she gets, but yet is still soft and vulnerable, appealing to Hunter's protective needs.

They gave each other exactly what they needed both as kids in school and then as adults years later - keeping up being each other's saving grace.

I absolutely loved this story, and have it tucked away on my favorites shelf to revisit often.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Jack & Sadie by J.B. Salsbury

Jack & Sadie
Emotionally heart-wrecking and heart-warming, Jack & Sadie's story pulls beauty out of pain and gifts a well-earned happily ever after.

Jack was a hard one for me at first because who he ended up growing up to be and some of the decisions he made was unexpected, and it took me a little bit to drop my preconceived ideas. Although when I dug deeper under the surface, Jack is still the Jack I expected - Blake Daniel's son who is a fighter, who has drive and determination, and doesn't give in easily, even as much as he had a few growing-up mistakes thrown in there. But in the end, he proved himself to be worthy of his Sadie's love and got himself back on track to chase down their forever dream together. I loved how much once Jack figured out Sadie had slipped through his fingers, he went all out to get her back in his arms (even as much as some things made me cringe and drove my anxiety through the roof).

Sadie is mine.
She always has been and she always will be.
Nothing will change that.
I won’t let it.

Sadie. That girl. Her side of the story broke my heart over and over again. But despite her feeling broken and lost, there was still an intense inner strength to her that gave her exactly what she needed to survive the storms and make her way through to the good stuff. I understood the choices she made and the ones she felt she had no choice but to go with, but man, I sure wanted to wrap her up tight in a hug and protect her (or allow her to allow others to lol) from the pain that accompanied them. But her strength also gave her exactly what she needed in the end.

I always feel safe with you, Jack.

When his hands are on me, I feel safe, cherished, and like I'm the only woman he's ever seen.

There was so much beauty in Jack and Sadie reconnecting as adults and figuring out just exactly what it was in life that was worthy of pursuit. And even through the pain dished out, the resulting beauty made it mean that much more.

Loved getting to see a few glimpses of Jonah and Raven, Blake and Layla, and I adore the love they showed for their kids, whether tough love or soft love. I wanted to revisit their stories as soon as I finished reading this book just so I didn't have to say goodbye quite yet (as their stories are some of my most favs from the Fighting series and it's been a while since I've visited them).

I wonder, did you and my dad go to the same school for overprotective and bossy men?

This book felt like the pretty bow to wrap up an adored gift (Jonah and Blake's stories) and is definitely one fans will not want to pass up.

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Football Pants Chronicles by Tessa Bailey

The Football Pants Chronicles

Quirky, cute, steamy hot and even a touch inspiring. Tessa rocked the whole dirty-talking football fanfic challenge. Loved Lizzy and AJ's insta-love story.

Listened on the Read Me Romance podcast, and looking forward to the ebook -- I got some highlights and bookmarks to make! ha!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Closer by Kylie Scott


While I liked the story and characters enough to finish it, and I loved the blurb/plot line for the story, I just wasn't able to fully connect with the characters - and not because of the length. I loved the strong and silent type for Ziggy, and I appreciated Mae's overall attitude. But I kinda felt disconnected to Mae and couldn't quite get into her headspace to truly appreciate the quirks that were supposed to make up her.

I know others will love this, it just wasn't one meant for me right now.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Logan's Lady by Rosanne Bittner

Logan's Lady
Logan and Elizabeth's story is a giggle-filled, heart-melting, and nail-biting journey to get to their well deserved and much needed happily-ever-after.

Elizabeth had some growing up to do and life lessons to learn - and then add in the culture shock changes going from London to the wild west of America and she was definitely in over her head. She had an underlying strength to her that pulled her through all the situations she faced. My heart went out to her through the beginning struggles and then fell in love with Logan right along side her.

Logan had a larger-than-life feel to him, flowing off the pages with his physical presence, his control, his honor code, his protectiveness, his power, his charm, and his sense of humor. The demons chasing him worked to give him the inner determination to heal and built the foundation for him to become stronger than his crippling past. There's a reason women were drawn to him, and I was not immune to his power. Just Logan being perfectly Logan kept me coming back for more of the story and made me fall for him hard.

The only thing I wasn't a fan of was that it took till about 40% before Logan and Elizabeth even met each other. I understood the importance in us living out the back-story and following their journeys to each other, because that gave us the exact mindset they were in when they each were ready to finally find the other and were in desperate need of the other. And in fact, it was rather fun to realize what all decisions and actions had to take place in order to get a woman like Elizabeth across an ocean and into a situation where she fell under Logan's protection. Add in getting an intimate view of Logan's sense of honor and respect and understand why he'd respond the way he did to Elizabeth makes that lack of time together at the beginning worth it. Although, I still would have loved to have experienced more of Elizabeth learning new survival skills from Logan. What helped to make up for it for me besides how quickly they bonded together once they were together, was the epilogue at the end which jumped forward about a year and gave us a glimpse of their settled future.

Logan's Lady is an awesome story to spend a weekend being lost in. Definitely not one to miss if you're a fan of Rosanne Bittner and/or historical western stories.

*review updated today

Monday, September 16, 2019

SEAL at Sunrise by Caitlyn O'Leary

43490007. sy475

Holy swoony alpha yummy!! Liam makes my heart pitter-patter and melts me with his protectiveness!

Working with members of the Shadow Alliance team, Liam needs just a little more help to figure out the puzzle pieces to a nightmarish evil plan they accidentally encountered. And in walks Addison - the woman who's haunted his past for years. Liam doesn't waste a moment in claiming Addison for his own, knowing that he can't risk losing her again, and finds himself facing the challenge of winning her heart once more.

I adore Addison. She's a darling mix of strong and soft, of vulnerable and determined. She knew herself, survived some hard hits, accepted what she was given, and wasn't afraid to push through the tough to make the good she was after become solid and secure.

Liam is the kind of alpha hero I am drawn to over and over again -- older, confident, strong, protective. He's got the right kind of take-charge attitude to make others heed, but is gentle enough to balance out the tough. He chose what was right over what was easy, and wasn't afraid to fight for what he wanted. I really wanted to become Addison just so I could have Liam's attention focused all on me.

I love the family dynamic that was brought into this story from both Liam and Addison's sides. Although I have to admit, since Deacon is a favorite CO'L character, I was partial to seeing more of him around and giggling at his and Liam's banter.

And can I just say, that last rescue scene? That was a breath-stealing moment of beauty (and anxiety).

Mixing an engrossing bad-guy story line with an irresistible love story, SEAL at Sunrise captivates from beginning to end. I didn't want to walk away and once I finished, I immediately dove back in to reread favorite moments. This is the kind of military romantic suspense love story I treasure and look forward to revisiting often.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Claiming Sarah by Susan Stoker

Claiming Sarah
Adorable and sweet!

Something about this book just works for me... The sweet gentleness of Sarah, the rough and protectiveness of Cole, the kinda easy normal of their relationship and the way they compliment each other, the unique bad guy story line. It all blended into a story that made me smile and gave me the feel goods.

This is a great story if you're wanting a little suspense with a easy going but heart-warming book to fall into.

Trading Horse by Darrel Sparkman

Trading Horse
Trading Horse is a fun story that made me feel like I had my grandpa sitting here regaling the story of how he met and fell in love with my grandma.

You kinda get a feeling there's more to Jim than what needs the eye, but as the story goes on, you become more convinced that appearances are truly deceiving and there's definitely more to the man - even a fancy suit can't hide. Connie is a great match for Jim. Her attitude, charm, and fight keeps him on his toes and keeps her from being boring to him.

It's cute watching them figure the other out and how the meddling of folks around them help to push them along. When you realize just what trading horse means and how it comes into play, you'll find yourself chuckling and shaking your head.

This is a easy-to-read winsome little story to be lost in for an hour or so.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Bride for Brynmor by Jacqui Nelson

48040852. sy475

Cute and sweet, A Bride for Brynmor offers a lighthearted suspense and a charming happily-ever-after.

Lark and Brynmor have a history, one that refuses to let stubbornness and a sense of independence stand in the way. And this time, Bryn doesn't want to let go.

Brynmor knows Lark is the girl for him, and he steps up to show his sincerity in both wanting her and standing by her side with whatever trouble she (and her sisters) face, however he can.

Lark has her hands full dealing with her uncle and her sisters. Her independent streak and sense of responsibility and protection for those she loves is beautiful to witness, even as much as you find yourself willing her to accept Bryn's assistance and not feel so alone.

It was quite the adventure watching these two work through their last hurdles to claim each other's hearts. Throw in a couple of cute lambs and a family secret revealed and you get everything from giggles to surprises.

And gotta mention, good ol' Grandpa Gus! He stole the show in a couple of scenes and provided a much welcomed sense of humor and wisdom.

While A Bride for Brynmor can be read as a stand alone, readers are introduced to many of the characters in Robyn, A Christmas Bride, and may find greater enjoyment by reading it first.

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Outlaw's Heart by Amy Sandas

The Outlaw's Heart (Runaway Brides, #3)

Powerful and intense, The Outlaw's Heart delivers a heart-wrenchingly beautiful tale of healing, strength, and love.

Eve and Gabriel are perfect matches for each other - their histories and personalities created adults who desperately needed what the other had to give, as well as needed to give what the other needed. I loved how connected they were from the moment they were in the other's presence - their silent communication showing the depth of that bond, providing a quiet, a peace, and a safe place. They truly were the other's soulmate - and getting to experience both Eve and Gabriel recognize and then believe in, and then chase down to fully embrace their connection, melted me. My heart felt all their struggles and triumphs, fears and desires, right along side them. The pacing and rhythm of the story and their relationship flowed flawlessly for me.

This is the kind of story I didn't know I needed until I experienced it.

While I am sad that the series is over, I love knowing that I can revisit them at any time. The Runaway Brides series as a whole quickly found a treasured favorite place on my bookshelves, and is definitely not one to pass over if you're a fan of historical western romance and love being captured by a talented storyteller's world.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Rescuing Raven by Jacqui Nelson

Rescuing Raven
Loved getting to catch up with an adult Charlie Jennings (who we first met in one of my favorite Oregon Trail stories: Between Heaven and Hell) and seeing how he grew up. With a handful of excitement and a dash of suspense and a heaping dollop of sweetness, I was whisked away into an endearing story, falling in love with Charlie and Raven as they found, rescued, and claimed the other.

This is a delightful addition to Jacqui Nelson's Lonesome Hearts series.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Saved By A SEAL by Cat Johnson

Saved By A SEAL
While I did enjoy reading (well, technically listening to the audio) Saved by a SEAL, and there were lots of good in it, I don't think this was a good fit of a story for me - and maybe it was because I mostly only listened to it while I was driving to/from work, so the constant start/stop left me feeling a bit disconnected to the story and characters. I also think it's more a "my personal taste/preferences" thing that made me not really connect with the story- I'm sure others will enjoy this wholeheartedly. I also wasn't a huge fan in the narration of it - which may have also affected things for me.

Missy was awesome in knowing herself, being able to fight through her insecurities, and being willing to chase down what she wanted. However that same assertiveness also made me wince at times (although Zane seemed to like it, and that's what matters, yeah? lol). She also had a heart of gold in wanting to teach the girls in Nigeria and doled out forgiveness which softened me towards her.

I loved Zane's sense of protectiveness and how his integrity refused to follow through on a bad decision. However, dude was quite the jerk a few times and even though he won Missy over, and even though I kinda softened towards him with some of his actions in Nigeria, I still wasn't as drawn to him as a hero as I wish I could have been.

I loved their first date and how they were able to build off their past connection. And I loved the moments in the truck together. But I also felt the kidnapping and rescue was a bit anti-climatic and wish more time would have been expanding upon that instead of the repetitive internal dialogue from both Zane and Missy.

If your looking for a SEAL story where the emphasis is more on the relationship and less on the action (suspense) and enjoy an assertive heroine and a hero who has some jerky moments he's gotta sort out, this would be a great fit.

SEAL for Hire by Trish Loye

SEAL for Hire
Combining sizzle hot connection with an intense story line, Seal for Hire delivers a powerful punch.

I loved the adventure/suspense - it kept me intrigued and turning the page without seeming too ott. The history and desire between Ryan and Sutton sparked brilliantly from the moment they saw each other (and not in person). They needed to find their compromise, balance, and figure out how to get on the same page, and watching that work itself out was a treat. Of course, Ryan having to hunt down Sutton the fugitive was an interesting twist.

Despite my growls with some of Sutton's choices, like Ryan, I persevered to see below her persona to the real Sutton.

This was my first Trish Loye story and I look forward to discovering more of her stories, specifically if Dante has his own book yet.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Courting Anna: Women of Destiny by Cate Simon

Courting Anna: Women of Destiny
With engaging characters and terrific world building, Courting Anna quickly captured my attention and kept me coming back for more till I reached the last page.

I loved the presence Anna had - she knew her strengths and weaknesses, had confidence in herself, and embraced who she was, even as much as it went against the "norms of society" at that time. It was fun being in her shoes and facing some of her challenges.

Jeremiah Brown was appealing in his sense of honor, loyalty, and risk taking. He was immediately drawn to Anna but knew that no matter how much he may be intrigued by her, some things weren't meant to be. However, he's also a stubbornly determined man and decided she was worth the time and whatever risk to keep her in his life - I think he really liked the challenge in Anna.

The two complimented each other well with what they needed and gave to the other, and their unspoken deeper connection. There were also several secondary characters who played significant rolls, growing along with the main characters and providing their own surprises, both for themselves and towards Anna and Jeremiah.

If you're looking for a book that features a strong heroine, a charming hero, a touch of mystery, a challenging relationship/setting, interesting drama and twists, and a happily-ever-after, this book will satisfy!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Yesterday's Flame by Livia J. Washburn

Yesterday's Flame
With a tiny dash of mystical, Livia Washburn delivers an engrossing story filled with history and charm.

To keep herself safe from a fire disaster, Annabel seeks out refuge in a cave. However, her safe harbor turns out to be a time portal that whisks her back in time to 1906. It was a blast watching her acclimate to her surroundings - from the way she talked to how she dressed, to how women were perceived and how she should behave. Annabel quickly figured out how to toe the line between who she was as a woman, and who she needed to be to not get tossed in the asylum! She had no problem with pushing boundaries and proving herself, even to the delight and frustration of the man who caught her attention.

Cole Brady is a mix of refinement and down-to-earth gentleman. Balancing both the burden of a wealthy business and the calling of a fireman, finding Annabel at her most vulnerable allowed him to be exactly what she needed. He had his hands full with her and knew from the first moment he saw her, she was someone special to him - he just didn't know what to do with her all the time, as she wasn't like any other woman he ever encountered - and became a challenge he enjoyed.

I loved watching history come to life around the characters, and thus myself. In fact, I ended up googling more pictures and articles just to keep learning more. :)

Mix in a wonderful setting of early 1900s San Francisco city with real life history, a touch of suspense, and a lot of charm, you'll enjoy Yesterday's Flame.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Longing for a Cowboy Christmas - an anthology


This is a wonderful collection of Christmas short stories - each one giving a couple hour dose of a feel-good story to snuggle up with. I totally read this book out of order, going first with the stories I was looking forward to the most and working my way through the rest, and not being disappointed in any of them!

Christmas in Paradise by Rosanne Bittner
I was so thrilled when I found out we were getting more of Sage and Maggie from Paradise Valley (one of my favorite RB books)! I had faith going in I'd love the follow up to their story, and I wasn't disappointed. Sage is still all protective of Maggie, and patient with her as she's settling into her spot as his wife. He knows he's got a treasure in her and makes sure she knows it deep down. Maggie is still as sweet, determined, and strong, as much as she's vulnerable and struggles with some insecurities. But Sage won't let those fears keep their grip on her. Loved the touch of adventure and drama, and the beauty of their Christmas miracle, both in seeing them settled, and in seeing their happily-ever-after come full circle. Honestly, this just made me want even more of their story, and I'd love to see a sequel novel someday for Sage and Maggie and their family.

A Christmas Wedding by Linda Broday
Christmas in Hope's Crossing, pouring out good on people who deserve all the good they can get! Loved getting to know Rebel even more, watching her big heart dig deep to find joy and spread it around. And then Travis finally getting the new start he needed and finding his way home again to wrap his family up in his protective arms and shower them with love. Add in some breath-catching moments and some giggles along with a few tears, and you get a sweet addition to Linda Broday's Outlaw Mail Order Brides series. So glad that there's more coming for this town and hopefully we'll get to see more of Rebel and Travis in future stories.

Through the Storm by Amy Sandas
Through the Storm starts off with a sweet, slow burn that builds to an inferno, keeping you needing more. George is fully captivated by Lucy when he first meets her, and fate helps to bring her back to him. George is an interesting character with his charm and gentleman ways mixed in with outlaw edginess. Lucy is an adorable mix of sweet and capable, the best match for George! Loved watching the embers of their attraction grow into a steady burning flame. This story probably surprised me the most in how much I ended up enjoying it!

A Fairy Tale Christmas by Leigh Greenwood
This is a super sweet story of a man and a woman who both desperately need something the other can provide, but fears and plans and a touch of stubbornness get in the way. Nan desires a family with everything she has, but isn't willing to settle for less than what she deserves or wants. But she does know how to open her heart and grasp to what she is given. Will has a mapped out plan for his life, even if he's struggling with some of the consequences and hanging onto the past. Luckily, a winter storm, the love of a child, and some words of wisdom combine to grant dreams and love to three people who deserve their family and own special happily ever after.

A Love Letter to Santa by Margaret Brownley
Holly and Tom's story melted my heart with all the joy and goodness that Christmas can bring. Holly brought a smile and cheer to a town that was hurting, and wiggled her way into the heart of a man who was lost. Loved her heart and charm. Tom proved to be a man worthy of his Holly, and had a heart of gold as well. This story left me with a few tears but a heart overflowing with good. Definitely a Christmas story to experience! Also, despite being a short novella story, I felt like I got all the feels for a full length novel!

One Snowy Christmas Eve by Anna Schmidt
Evie and Collin's story is one of second chances, letting go of pride, and chasing down your hearts' desires. A little bit of fate stepped in to give them the opportunity needed to reflect on the past, where they're at now, and grasp hold of what they still want now. Toss in a little meddling and a leap of faith and you have a delightful Christmas blessing story! I loved how we got flash backs of their history, giving us a deeper sense of their connection and showing what was worth fighting for.

This is a collection of Christmas shorts not to be missed!!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Phillip by Cristin Harber

From the moment Phillip and Ashley's eyes meet after years apart, their insta-connection with deep roots erupts back to life, blazing through past and present heartwrenching burdens to a place of healing and contentment.

Ashley struggles with breaking fully from the expectations of others and living up to impossible standards pressed upon her. Feeling her helplessness and pain, it's beautiful to watch her break her way through those chains and find herself. It's always a journey, and feels neverending, but you can see Ashley finding her way.

Phillip has his own set of burdens and pain to carry, and like Ashley, while his eyes came opened to seeing reality and the truth, it still is a long journey to healing, but one he takes on and finds a place of peace.

I adore how these two are total opposites, but yet they match up, filling up the missing parts of the other. Phillip had me melting with his pursuit of Ashley and tenacity to dig in and claim her and not let her go. Ashley had me cheering with her fight and resolve to make it through, even as much as she could also run away. I mean, who doesn't need an escape at times?

Blending some giggles with heart touching truths and sweet moments, this story delivers on all the feels, giving a sense of hope, healing and acceptance.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Securing Piper by Susan Stoker

Securing Piper
All I got at the moment is....

utterly loved every moment! And Ace now ties for first with Dax with favorite SS hero.

Love, compassion, courage, forgiveness, protectiveness, determination, love. all the good stuff.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Quiet Man by Kristen Ashley

Quiet Man

Overall, I super enjoyed this story. Love the easy, love the strength, love the nuggets of goodness, love the spark and connection, love the attraction and digging in deep, love the cameos and love the love poured out in all the ways!

There was some little things that I wished was more/different that kept me from OTT lovin' this story, but those are simply my wishes/preferences and not everyone elses. And that's okay. Everything else worked, and it was fun to get a new KA book, so it's still a win!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Her Ruthless Protector Her Ruthless Protector by Caitlyn O'Leary

51016667. sx318 sy475

Written filled with adventure, drama, and cute flirty fun, Her Ruthless Protector is sure to satisfy!

I loved the way Kane and AJ connected and interacted, and seeing AJ through Kane's eyes - that was a powerful thing to experience and let sink into me. I loved seeing how they could each hold their own, but yet, were amazing partners, both in the bedroom and out. AJ complimented Kane well with her backbone, her smarts, and her heart.

Seeing this is a military story as much as a romance story, bullets fly and bad guys abound everywhere, giving just the right amount of suspense and anxiety. Dealing with the enemy and the powers-that-be, and choosing what is right over what is ordered, and showing what having your brother's back truly mean, the military story line packs a punch.

Mix together the twist and turns, tear-filled moments, steamy moments, and laughter-ringing times and you've got another awesome Caitlyn O'Leary story to escape into.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Catching Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds


This book couldn't have been more perfect for me than if Leah's name was Michelle! (although my boss's name is Tyler, that could be weird....) I adored every little bit and piece and word of this story. From the laugh-out-loud moments, to the rocky, heart-twisting moments, from the anxious moments to the swoony moments, from the first meeting to the happily-ever-after - Catching Him provided everything I need and wish for in a contemporary romance story.

Tyler was my kind of perfect alpha hero - strong, protective, patient, but definitely take no crap and determined. Flawed and real, but yet forgivable and lovable. Leah was sweet, smart, just dorky enough and just sassy enough, strong and vulnerable, and her own special version of flawed and real and beautiful that makes you either so easily identify with her, or need a girl like her in your life.

This story takes the best features possible for characters, setting, and world building and arranges them masterfully. I wanted to start to reread the story before I was even a quarter of the way done just to make it last longer and soak it in more! Catching Him quickly became one of my most beloved and treasured stories I look forward to revisiting often.

I'm delighted this is the first of a series and I hope the rhythm, the feel, the atmosphere continues to flow through the following books.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

SEAL Hard by J.M. Madden


SEAL Hard blew me away with it's intense story line! From the first page through to the end, the momentum never let up and I didn't want to stop - I had to know what happened next - so I didn't! lol

I adored how Jack was so devoted to Andrea, and the depth of his loyalty, respect, honor, and protection was for her (and the family). He was willing to do anything and everything to protect Andrea. And even though he needed some "permission" or "encouragement" to know he could fully embrace what he was feeling, he totally had that awesome alpha vibe.

Andrea was, for me, almost the perfect mix of strong and vulnerable - as she needed to be as a SEAL wife, and then getting her new hea in a former SEAL. She didn't back off from doing the right thing, and she pushed through whatever was tossed at her. She was the perfect match to Jack.

Then the suspense plot line - holy cow! Twisted, heavy, harsh, and anxiety-ridden, it kept perfect pace with the hea story line and provided the nudges needed for Jack and Andrea to get on the same page.

I definitely want to check out more books by JM Madden after this! Amazing!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Her Steadfast Hero by Caitlyn O'Leary

Her Steadfast Hero
I read this book back in 2018, and then listened to it as a reread in 2019 -and fell more in love with it the 2nd time!


I genuinely loved David and Sarah's story - the glimpse back at their beginning, and just how much time has gone by to get their second chance at their hea. The instant re-connection and honest communication did it for me. David had such respect, care, and bossy protectiveness towards Sarah, and she was sweet, compassionate, and just what David needed in his life. Add in the drama of the natural disaster paired with bad guys galore, and toss in a swoony Navy Seal team as backup, and you have a perfect mix of adventure and love in a short story that doesn't feel rushed.

Loved it!

p.s. and if you listen to it, omgoodness do I love the narrator's deep voice and the way he brings the story to life!

Until December by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until December
Simply ADORED December and Gareth (and Max and Mitchell's) happily ever after story! A rocky beginning gives way to a steady foundation, an easy-going relationship, a heat-fueled connection, and a sweetness Gareth and his boys desperately needed and deserved - and a strength and protection that December needed.

With just enough drama, lots of laughs, and a deep sweetness that made it so very easy to connect to, this book quickly became one of my favorite ARR/Until stories. Definitely not one to miss!

I love the lessons of family, of giving (of oneself, not materially), and of peace.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Paradise Valley by Rosanne Bittner


Rosanne Bittner's long awaited return-to-publishing book just knocked my socks off!!! I've enjoyed all of her books I've read so far, and have numerous of them on my keeper shelves - where this one is now as well!!

I loved how Maggie was both strong but yet vulnerable. Sometimes the way she talked made her sound younger than what she was age wise, but her actions/thoughts the rest of the time made up for it. And I love how Sage interacted with her - was impressed by her spirit and strength, but at the same time knew she needed him to protect her.

I so enjoyed towards the end when the ex-wife showed up - I knew I would have reacted the same way Maggie did and I was glad to see how Sage dealt with his ex (I sure was hoping he'd do what he did!)

I'm so looking forward to reading more of RB's books - and hope that more and more of her older ones come out on kindle!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Drawn into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Drawn into Love

Yes!! This is probably tied for 1st place for favorites in this series, maybe with two other books, haha! idk! It's so hard to decide sometimes! There's so much I loved about this story: the easy flow, the quick talk outs about drama/issues, how they're on the same page together more than not, the sweet, the heat, the sparks, the dog, the kid, the entire vibe! Courtney was the perfect match for Lucas (and Maddie) and filled a gaping hole in their hearts, and Lucas and Maddie patched up Courtney's wounds and filled her up.

This is a great kinda 'reset' book when you're needing something easy to fall into, but still have depth and all the feels.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Patrice’s Shame by Agnes Alexander

Patrice’s Shame
One I started Patrice and Gavin's story, I had a hard time putting it down! I enjoyed every moment at the Hopewell Ranch, getting to know the Barlow brothers and dig deeper into Patrice's story.

Patrice struggles with her identity and culture shock as secrets that can destroy a reputation start circulating and send her running across the country. Digging deeper past her nasty attitude, you can see the young woman trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs and how to keep herself (and her secrets) safe. Unfortunately, bad choices lead to more until drastic events finally help set her on the right course.

Gavin definitely has his hands full when Patrice shows up, and confusion and conflict abound. He is drawn to her, but yet, her attitude puts him off. He questions what's real and what isn't. But Gavin is also a stand-up, honorable man, and realizes that there's something in Patrice he needs to dig deeper to help her discover.

After the initial rough and tumble get-to-really-know-ya time, the drama starts coming from outside forces, giving Gavin and Patrice a chance to fight the new battles side-by-side and build a good foundation.

I loved the family atmosphere and life on the ranch. It definitely became a safe haven for Gavin and Patrice, and provided a terrific afternoon escape for myself.