Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Protector by Cristin Harber

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The Protector delivers an unforgettable story with an abundance of heart palpitations!

Going seamlessly from a war-torn desert rescue to the ritzy glamour of the rich-and-famous, you're kept on your toes and encountering all the feels. Mixing fear with hope and laughter, chaos with nuggets of truth and adventure, the hits keep coming and force the pages to keep turning.

Chance and Jane both embody so many of my favorite hero/heroine characteristics, making it easy to identify and connect with Jane and swoon and fall for Chance.

I adored how the protective theme was presented in several ways - unique spins just as each person is unique. All have the same heart and motivation, just the actions themselves are different.

There's also another theme weaved into the story that touched me deeply, and I don't want to ruin the impact of it by mentioning it fully here. Just know.... it's one we've all struggled with and need to hear the truth over and over again. And the way it was presented in this story.... pure beauty!

Chance and Jane's story is most assuredly a favorite one that I look forward to revisiting time and time again. Not only is it an excellent addition to the Aces series (which I also adore book 1), but it compliments the Titan world perfectly while still being fully stand-alone.

This is not a story to be missed; fans of military/romantic suspense will not be disappointed, and fans of Cristin Harber will be delighted to discover everything they've come to expect from her storytelling.

If you're new to Cristin Harber, this book is a perfect choice to start with.