Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Survivor by Cristin Harber

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Whew, I need a moment to catch my breath after this story!

A roller coaster ride of bountiful laughter, intriguing puzzles, and breath-twisting moments weave seamlessly together to deliver a powerful story.

Cristin Harber worked her wordsmith magic again by building a world and lulling her readers into a false sense of comfortable and then just BOOM blowing it all up and piecing it back together better than imagined - repeatedly.

Both Hagan and Amanda had histories that brought me to tears multiple times. I loved how they met and the games they played getting to know the other, even as much as their games were real and honest. I connected to Amanda with some of her fears and struggles, and admired her mix of quiet and loud strength, and battered but brave heart. Her smarts and (good) attitude shined off the page. I adored Hagan's sense of protectiveness and respect, his fierce love for his family and those in his life and his determination to dig in and get deep. I enjoyed falling in love with both of them as they fell for each other and exposed more of themselves.

Then, there's Boss Man. I think he put forth a good effort to steal the show at moments, but they were always perfect timing. The camaraderie shown within the team and Jared's own brand of tough-*ss tlc still gets to me every time. Love it!

The Survivor rocked my world, packing a powerful emotional punch, and gave me more than just a enjoyable escape. Definitely a terrific addition to the ACES series and the TITAN world in general. Reading each new story in the Titan world feels like a warm welcome home that I never want to leave.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Letters to Ellie by Loreth Anne White

Letters to Ellie Heart wrenchingly beautiful. Kinda don't have words for the depth and the feels and the beauty contained in just a few short words. I loved it just the way it is, and also kinda would love to have a little longer of a story for them, flesh out more of their lives now that Max is back. But I can use my imagination and give them lots of goodness. 

Read in the SEAL of my Dreams anthology        

SEAL of My Dreams anthology

SEAL of My Dreams I love military stories, especially SEALS. I definitely was gonna pick up an anthology that went to help our military folks.

I love how these stories not only highlighted the super-hero aspect, giving honor and respect where it's due, but it also impressed their vulnerabilities, their mortal-ness, and how much they also need grace and tlc. Our military personnel and their families deserve our appreciation and support, however that comes.

Letters to Ellie by Loreth Ann White
Heart wrenchingly beautiful. Kinda don't have words for the depth and the feels and the beauty contained in just a few short words. I loved it just the way it is, and also kinda would love to have a little longer of a story for them.

Panama Jack by Tara Jansen
Fun and quick, but lots of action and hot vibes. I liked the tie into Steele Street (a series I've had on my tbr list for forever!!)

Sealed with a Kiss by Cindy Gerard
Love the honeymoon story with a bit of heart racing anxiety.

There's a few more stories I may circle back to at some point.

Securing Avery by Susan Stoker

Securing Avery Quite the adventure

Loved it!! The book felt split into two parts, the rescue adventure and the home adventure/fall out part. And I loved each for separate reasons. Avery and Rex's connection and relationship was amazing to experience.

I also enjoyed getting to know Phantom a bit more and see more developed with his story.

And I loved seeing whsrs become my mantra/theme expressed in this story:
There’s just something about the sun rising in the morning sky that makes me think of new beginnings and hope.

If you love action adventure /Light suspense stories filled with alot of heart, this is a great story to pick up. Either as a stand alone (I haven't read the entire series, and I followed along perfectly fine) or as part of the series.

Friday, May 22, 2020

SEALed With a Kiss by Cindy Gerard

SEALed With a Kiss

Read in the SEAL OF MY DREAMS anthology.

This is a sweet little glimpse to a tropical honeymoon. Even though I didn't know the characters (as this is my first CG book) I still could feel the love and connection between Luke and Val, and heart pounding anxiety as things quickly go wrong.

Way of the Warrior anthology

Way of the WarriorApril 2020
Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker Deep 6 0.5
Good things come in little packages. Loved this first little intro story to the series. We got a taste of shoot-em-up action with a yummy burn-the-building-down scene, and all the hea goodness and feels you'd need to connect to the characters. I'm looking forward to the next books.

May 2020
In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann (Elite Force 4.5)
Loved it! A special twist on the hero, and I simply adored how the 2nd chance came about. Just enough mix of emotion, heat, and suspense.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Walker by Maryann Jordan

I loved Walker and Julie's story! The perfect amount of adventure, steam, and story all wrapped up together seamlessly. I felt immersed in the Mexican jungle and ruins - almost like I had gone on vacation there myself and missed it when we left. I adored Walker and Julie's relationship - a realistic instant attraction turned love and a mature outlook on things (no excessive relationship drama, most came from outside sources, which I appreciate and enjoy more often than not).

This was my first book by Maryann Jordan and I'm looking forward to reading more stories in the LSI world. 

Adrift by Anna Lowe

Adrift I don't know why I took my precious sweet time to read this series after falling in love with the first one, but I'm SO GLAD I dove back in and finished it!

There's so much I loved about this story - the depth of emotions, the amazing spark of connection, the heat that boiled off the page (I mean, it's the Caribbean, yeah?), the sweetness, the protectiveness, the cute. I was so immersed into the story, I felt like I was on the sailboat, running from bad men, hearing the waves, feeling the wind, living in the moment surrounded by island live. I also loved the encouragement and little nuggets of truth that hit me deep - I super connected with Meredith and needed to hear and believe some of the same things.

This whole series is a top winner for me! Definitely some fun summer-time-deck-soaking-up-the-sunshine reading!

Life can be beautiful, sweetheart. Make sure you let that joy in.

She blinked, then locked those sea-blue eyes on his and hung on. Hung on like he was all she needed to escape this mess.

“Don’t overthink this,” he murmured as he swept her into a hug. A nice, tight, You’ll be safe with me hug that made her mind go blissfully blank.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Windswept by Anna Lowe

Windswept Heck yeah this was a spectacular, blood pumping, heart-catching adventure ride - and exactly the kind of story I crave!

Mixing a good dose of suspense/action with all the emotional feels and the perfect amount of heat, you immediately dive under with Mia and Ryan's relationship and can't stop turning the pages to figure out what happens next, and what was in their history.

And can I just say, if I ever get the opportunity to go on a Caribbean vacation, I so want Ryan to be there with me. Ya know... just in case. And for all the other good stuff. Including yoga poses. ;)

Mia's one of the best kind of heroines out there - strong but sweet and all woman. Ryan is also one of the best kind of heroes out there - protective, determined, and knows how to man-up and apologize. Mia isn't a slacker with recognizing when to forgive and move on either.

While I adore this whole series, I think Mia and Ryan just edge out as favorites... but once I reread the others I might have to change my mind to it being whoever I'm with at the time!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Claiming Her SEAL by Kat Cantrell

Claiming Her SEAL

Sultry hot!

I was transported to the Caribbean, feeling the ocean lapping at my feet and hearing the rhythmic crashes and tasting the salty air.

I also experienced the depths of both Dex and Emma's hurts and mental prisons and rejoyced as they finally found their ways to break free.

They were both special, and I adored the way they both took care of the other.

I had this sitting on my Kindle for almost 2 years now, and I'm so glad it caught my eye! I wanna go back on vacation with Emma and fall for Dex all over again.

Protecting Sam by Abbie Zanders

Protecting Sam

Adventure and sweetness

I really enjoyed Sam and Steve's story. Everything from the mystery and mission to the falling in love part just kept my attention. I wanted a story that was a good mix of easy going and sweet with a good suspense theme and this worked well.