Friday, August 16, 2019

Her Ruthless Protector Her Ruthless Protector by Caitlyn O'Leary

Her Ruthless Protector

Written filled with adventure, drama, and cute flirty fun, Her Ruthless Protector is sure to satisfy!

I loved the way Kane and AJ connected and interacted, and seeing AJ through Kane's eyes - that was a powerful thing to experience and let sink into me. I loved seeing how they could each hold their own, but yet, were amazing partners, both in the bedroom and out. AJ complimented Kane well with her backbone, her smarts, and her heart.

Seeing this is a military story as much as a romance story, bullets fly and bad guys abound everywhere, giving just the right amount of suspense and anxiety. Dealing with the enemy and the powers-that-be, and choosing what is right over what is ordered, and showing what having your brother's back truly mean, the military story line packs a punch.

Mix together the twist and turns, tear-filled moments, steamy moments, and laughter-ringing times and you've got another awesome Caitlyn O'Leary story to escape into.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Catching Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds


This book couldn't have been more perfect for me than if Leah's name was Michelle! (although my boss's name is Tyler, that could be weird....) I adored every little bit and piece and word of this story. From the laugh-out-loud moments, to the rocky, heart-twisting moments, from the anxious moments to the swoony moments, from the first meeting to the happily-ever-after - Catching Him provided everything I need and wish for in a contemporary romance story.

Tyler was my kind of perfect alpha hero - strong, protective, patient, but definitely take no crap and determined. Flawed and real, but yet forgivable and lovable. Leah was sweet, smart, just dorky enough and just sassy enough, strong and vulnerable, and her own special version of flawed and real and beautiful that makes you either so easily identify with her, or need a girl like her in your life.

This story takes the best features possible for characters, setting, and world building and arranges them masterfully. I wanted to start to reread the story before I was even a quarter of the way done just to make it last longer and soak it in more! Catching Him quickly became one of my most beloved and treasured stories I look forward to revisiting often.

I'm delighted this is the first of a series and I hope the rhythm, the feel, the atmosphere continues to flow through the following books.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

SEAL Hard by J.M. Madden


SEAL Hard blew me away with it's intense story line! From the first page through to the end, the momentum never let up and I didn't want to stop - I had to know what happened next - so I didn't! lol

I adored how Jack was so devoted to Andrea, and the depth of his loyalty, respect, honor, and protection was for her (and the family). He was willing to do anything and everything to protect Andrea. And even though he needed some "permission" or "encouragement" to know he could fully embrace what he was feeling, he totally had that awesome alpha vibe.

Andrea was, for me, almost the perfect mix of strong and vulnerable - as she needed to be as a SEAL wife, and then getting her new hea in a former SEAL. She didn't back off from doing the right thing, and she pushed through whatever was tossed at her. She was the perfect match to Jack.

Then the suspense plot line - holy cow! Twisted, heavy, harsh, and anxiety-ridden, it kept perfect pace with the hea story line and provided the nudges needed for Jack and Andrea to get on the same page.

I definitely want to check out more books by JM Madden after this! Amazing!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Her Steadfast Hero by Caitlyn O'Leary

Her Steadfast Hero
I read this book back in 2018, and then listened to it as a reread in 2019 -and fell more in love with it the 2nd time!


I genuinely loved David and Sarah's story - the glimpse back at their beginning, and just how much time has gone by to get their second chance at their hea. The instant re-connection and honest communication did it for me. David had such respect, care, and bossy protectiveness towards Sarah, and she was sweet, compassionate, and just what David needed in his life. Add in the drama of the natural disaster paired with bad guys galore, and toss in a swoony Navy Seal team as backup, and you have a perfect mix of adventure and love in a short story that doesn't feel rushed.

Loved it!

p.s. and if you listen to it, omgoodness do I love the narrator's deep voice and the way he brings the story to life!

Until December by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until December
Simply ADORED December and Gareth (and Max and Mitchell's) happily ever after story! A rocky beginning gives way to a steady foundation, an easy-going relationship, a heat-fueled connection, and a sweetness Gareth and his boys desperately needed and deserved - and a strength and protection that December needed.

With just enough drama, lots of laughs, and a deep sweetness that made it so very easy to connect to, this book quickly became one of my favorite ARR/Until stories. Definitely not one to miss!

I love the lessons of family, of giving (of oneself, not materially), and of peace.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Paradise Valley by Rosanne Bittner


Rosanne Bittner's long awaited return-to-publishing book just knocked my socks off!!! I've enjoyed all of her books I've read so far, and have numerous of them on my keeper shelves - where this one is now as well!!

I loved how Maggie was both strong but yet vulnerable. Sometimes the way she talked made her sound younger than what she was age wise, but her actions/thoughts the rest of the time made up for it. And I love how Sage interacted with her - was impressed by her spirit and strength, but at the same time knew she needed him to protect her.

I so enjoyed towards the end when the ex-wife showed up - I knew I would have reacted the same way Maggie did and I was glad to see how Sage dealt with his ex (I sure was hoping he'd do what he did!)

I'm so looking forward to reading more of RB's books - and hope that more and more of her older ones come out on kindle!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Drawn into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Drawn into Love

Yes!! This is probably tied for 1st place for favorites in this series, maybe with two other books, haha! idk! It's so hard to decide sometimes! There's so much I loved about this story: the easy flow, the quick talk outs about drama/issues, how they're on the same page together more than not, the sweet, the heat, the sparks, the dog, the kid, the entire vibe! Courtney was the perfect match for Lucas (and Maddie) and filled a gaping hole in their hearts, and Lucas and Maddie patched up Courtney's wounds and filled her up.

This is a great kinda 'reset' book when you're needing something easy to fall into, but still have depth and all the feels.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Patrice’s Shame by Agnes Alexander

Patrice’s Shame
One I started Patrice and Gavin's story, I had a hard time putting it down! I enjoyed every moment at the Hopewell Ranch, getting to know the Barlow brothers and dig deeper into Patrice's story.

Patrice struggles with her identity and culture shock as secrets that can destroy a reputation start circulating and send her running across the country. Digging deeper past her nasty attitude, you can see the young woman trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs and how to keep herself (and her secrets) safe. Unfortunately, bad choices lead to more until drastic events finally help set her on the right course.

Gavin definitely has his hands full when Patrice shows up, and confusion and conflict abound. He is drawn to her, but yet, her attitude puts him off. He questions what's real and what isn't. But Gavin is also a stand-up, honorable man, and realizes that there's something in Patrice he needs to dig deeper to help her discover.

After the initial rough and tumble get-to-really-know-ya time, the drama starts coming from outside forces, giving Gavin and Patrice a chance to fight the new battles side-by-side and build a good foundation.

I loved the family atmosphere and life on the ranch. It definitely became a safe haven for Gavin and Patrice, and provided a terrific afternoon escape for myself.

I've Got You, Babe by Lynnette Austin

I've Got You, Babe
I enjoyed this damsel-in-distress and hero-who-needs-fixin' sweet story. I loved everything in how they met, how Tucker's world got tangled up-side-down with the two girls arrival and how quickly the pieces of their puzzle started falling into place. Tucker had some fun quirks and some heavy burdens weighing him down. My heart melted watching him work through his struggles. Elisa carried her own secrets and heavy burdens and found a refuge both with Tucker and in Misty Bottoms while she worked through her own things. I adored Elisa and Daisy's mix of strong and sweet vulnerability.

Despite the times where the story seemed to bog down (with misunderstandings and push/pull reactions), I loved seeing Tucker and Elisa figure things out and how family and friends surrounded them.

This is a great story to fall into if you're looking for good doses of sweet giggles along with angsty moments, and an hea that'll make you happy-sigh..

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Until Joe by C.P. Smith

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I could go on and on (and on and on) about my total adoration for this story, but really, this is all you need to know:

Joe. (that's it; 'nuf said. simply Joe says EVERYTHING).
Sweet and sassy and adorable and wise Bernice (she melts me).
Devin (oh boy, I think I fell more in love with the man).
The Wallflowers (they make my heart smile huge).

Grab this story NOW and settle in for a hea that'll pull at your heart-strings, that'll fill you up with goodness, that'll make you bite your nails and growl, that'll make your breath catch, and that'll make you want to immediately start a reread once "The End" is reached.

CP Smith does an amazing job tying her Wallflowers series into ARR's Until series and breathing life into her characters and their world. You won't want to miss out on this story!

Stumbling into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Stumbling into Love

I loved everything about this story - from the way they met, to working out the new-relationship quirks to settling into their hea. Loved how Wesley chased down his Mac and then how Mac could both stand up for herself, but also know when to give in too. This was an easy book to fall into and keep coming back to (audio while driving!). Definitely a winner and I'm ready for more!