Sunday, October 11, 2020

Her Chosen Protector by Caitlyn O'Leary

Asher and Eden's story came with some heartbreaking feels and some lighthearted laugher and all sorts of intense adventure.  

Being brought into the Thorne's family and getting to experience the confusing lost and utter devastation make you not only empathize with Asher more, but it makes you think about real life situations, too.  Because what they felt and experienced isn't remotely fictional.  I appreciated the compassionate way things were handled.  

Asher's attitude, strength, determination, protectiveness, and devotion won me over quickly.
Eden is a fun spitfire of a woman - totally able to hold her own and refuses to stay knocked down.  I loved her sense of confidence mixed in with a hidden soft spot, which made her all the perfect for Asher. 

I love the moments with the team on their mission - being a part of the boots-on-the-ground action as well as the banter and true brotherhood they have.   And this time it was nice getting to see some downtime with just the Thorne brothers, even with the circumstances surrounding it.  

This is a great addition to the Night Storm series and I'm super excited to see where we're headed next!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Sweet One by Cristin Harber

Sweet One
2020 audio reread

This time, I have a much deeper appreciation for this story, and fell in love all the more with Cash and Nic. It fed everything I was needing and gave everything required.

There's something special about this couple and a little catch-up novella like this is the perfect little piece of story that, thankfully, we get to enjoy.

2016 review

"You kiss like a god."
"I love you."


Cristin Harber and her super secret projects! This one is another perfect surprise she dropped on her Titan fans. You can tell the depth of love she has for Cash and Nic as she just can't quite let them go!

Absolutely enjoyed getting to go back a bit in Titan time (this book chronically starts right at the end of Hart Attack) and getting to see some events through Cash and Nic's eyes as well as experiencing married life with them! The short story starts with a bang and delivers all the feels - I was crying by page 2 (oye!) and shortly after giggling, awe'ing, swooning, and growling - everything you come to expect and love from a Titan book.

While part of the conflict seemed to be a bit too easily solved (or maybe that was me missing seeing a bit more of the Titan action/adventure), it flowed well with the story and kept the focus where it needed to be - on Cash and Nic. I have a feeling a few more surprises are in store for us, because while a lot of loose ends were tied up, not quite all of them have a pretty bow on them yet. (guessing the next Titan novel - or who knows, another surprise project?) will answer these. :)

Definitely not a story to miss if you're a fan of Cash and Nic in their stories (Sweet Girl, Garrison's Creed) or Titan in general.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Guardian by Cristin Harber

The Guardian Omgoodness, give me spicy sweetness, escape and evade scenes, secrets and truths, dimple-showing laughter, a swoony protective alpha, a sweet and strong and best friend-like leading lady —all that adds up to The Guardian. Loved every. single. stinkin'. moment of this story.

I'm so thrilled Cristin Harber took advantage of the opportunity to give us Jason and Roxane's story because it was totally worth it! I have to admit, I’ve already re-read this story and have the rest of the Aces series queued up for a reread as well because I just can't escape from a good thing.

I love coming back to the Titan world with each new piece we're given. The Guardian adds another delightful layer of glittery sprinkles to the richness of the Titan cake universe.


Oct2020 reread, single release (with added words)

The nuances stepped it up just enough to make an amazing story all that better and tighter and loved.

**originally read in the Danger and Desire anthology.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Beneath A Desperado Moon by Elizabeth Clements

Beneath a Desperado Moon delivers a steamy good story!

Josh and Molly had been dancing around each other in the previous story, and now they can't help but be tossed together and forced to acknowledge what's been simmering under the surface - almost by gunpoint! Lots of adventure and heat propel them through all the kidnappings, determined outlaws, weddings, friendly fire, and haunted pasts. I loved how quickly Josh and Molly connected to each other, and then as each layer was peeled back, they each handled the other with care, even as at times they desperately fought their connection. Having both discover their true worth through each other's eyes proved just how perfect they were for the other.

If you're looking for an enthralling story filled with temp-rising steam and crazy-fun adventure, you found it! This is a wonderful wrap up to a terrific series.

Delta Revenge by Cristin Harber

2020 audio reread
Revisiting some past favorites makes me feel like I'm coming back home, and Delta Revenge definitely welcomed me back. I adore Javier and Sophia - the way they connected, worked through their roadblocks, and figured out what really mattered right then. And the words Javier had, when he wasn't being a dolt...swept me off my feet. I really didn't want to let go of this story the closer I got to the ending.

Oh, and Brock still rocks. ;)

Last, boy did I love hearing Jeffrey Kafer read this story to me.... he's got the voice and brought this story to life for me all over again.

2016 orig review

Javier and Sophia and all of Delta provided me with an amazing excape. From the first paragraph, Cristin Harber had me lost in Javier's history and feeling his deep wounds. Then she moved me quickly into a different world where Sophia deals with her own wounds. Watching them ride the waves of their relationship, the sweet, the struggles, the trust building, the heat - that was a wild ride. A couple extra twists and fun surprises were included that made the story all that more awesome.

This isn't a story to be missed if you are a fan of Titan or previous Delta books.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Storm Damage by C.P. Smith

Storm Damage
Stories like this are what keep me coming back for more!

Small town setting, big focus on family, sweetly vulnerable but core-deep strong heroine insta-connecting to the protective and formidable alpha hero, and a heart-stealing war dog - mix all that together and you get an amazing story.

I was immediately caught up in the lives of the characters, feeling their desperation, loneliness, pain, but also their bond, love, and loyalty. The insta-connection between Skylar and Logan just worked perfectly, and when you add in the connection Logan felt to her brothers, fusing the family even tighter to Logan, you can't help but fall in love with everyone.

Find the joy, and it'll burn out the pain - this lesson was beautifully expressed and touched something deeper inside of me. That's something I love about Christina Smith's stories - she delivers nuggets of truth and wisdom and makes you pause to reflect and absorb the moment - both for the characters and in yourself as the reader.

If you want a story with a possessive alpha male, a darlin' heroine, a mystery to solve with all the dead bodies piling up, seeing hearts being healed, and the warm beauty of family in all the ways it comes, grab Storm Damage.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Bride for Heddwyn by Jacqui Nelson

A Bride for HeddwynLies and stubbornness, loyalty and sacrifice, they all tangle together to weave a sweet love story - not only for Heddwyn and Oriole, but of siblings and family.

The price of freedom has the life Oriole and her two sisters built crumbling around them, more so for Oriole than the others. I adored the determination and abounding love she had for her sisters and others, even as much as I so wanted her to be able to believe what her heart was trying to tell her, and trust her newfound family to help carry her burden and to let go of assumptions and worries. However, old lessons die hard. Heddwyn was endearing in his steadfast pursuit of Oriole, despite his sweet blunders, and his desire to take care of those he considered his. The sense of family, whether blood or not, flowed deeply throughout the pages and is one thing that I love to see made significant in stories.

Throw in a cute puppy, a troop of gypsies, and meddling family, and the charming adventure is complete (for the moment, hehehe).

The continuing saga of Songbird Junction is just as wonderful as the first, and I'm looking forward to how everything is wrapped up in the next book.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Review: Danger and Desire: A Romantic Suspense Anthology

Danger and Desire: A Romantic Suspense Anthology
The Guardian by Cristin Harber
Omgoodness, give me spicy sweetness, escape and evade scenes, secrets and truths, dimple-showing laughter, a swoony protective alpha, a sweet and strong and best friend-like leading lady - all that adds up to The Guardian. Loved every moment of this story.

I'm so thrilled Cristin Harber took advantage of the opportunity to give us Jason and Roxane's story because it was worth it! I have to admit, I’ve already re-read this story and have the rest of the Aces series queued up for a reread as well.

While you can read it as a stand alone, you'll want to read The Survivor, as that'll give you another glimpse into their story. I think you may appreciate some of the details of this story better with that basis. Besides, the Aces series is amazing and well worth the time!
Fans of the Titan series will also love this installment, what with some interesting characters showing up and points-of-view being further developed. It sure made me gasp and wanna reread some Titan books.

I love coming back to the Titan world with each new piece we're given. The Guardian adds another fun layer of glittery sprinkles to the richness of the Titan cake universe.

Lawson and Jill by Caitlyn O’Leary
Swoony perfectly sweet! I simply adored this story! Lawson and Jill were perfect together and exactly what the other needed. They both had crushing hurts to sort through and gave each other a reason to truly live again. Lawson was the best kind of bossy alpha, not too much, but just enough, and definitely all protective growly in a good way. Jill was adorable in her kind, sweet, compassion and just how real she was. Love getting to experience another piece of a Caitlyn O'Leary world. They always satisfy me and keep me coming back for more.

This is another story I’ve already reread because I didn’t want to leave it quite yet.

Night Owl by Rachel Grant
I’ve had my eye on Rachel Grant’s Evidence series for a while now, and I finally took the opportunity to try out one of her stories now. I enjoyed how she told Jenna and Brad’s story and made me want to go back and discover more of her stories. I loved how real and open and fun Jenna was, knowing what she wanted, and accepting what she was given. I loved how Brad romanced Jenna as much as he fought against himself about it, but couldn’t deny it. I have a feeling once I dive into more of these stories, I’ll appreciate Brad and Jenna all the more.

Levi by Maryann Jordan
I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of Maryann Jordan’s Lighthouse Security stories and was looking forward to seeing what we’d get with Levi and Claire’s story. Little bit of secrets, little bit of drama, lot of bit of rescue-the-girl, and the same family-got-your-back feel of the LSI team all adds up to an enjoyable little escape.

Scout by Janie Crouch
Talk about packing a punch! I've had a few book friends recommend Janie Crouch stories to me, and I finally took the chance with Scout and now I'm all about diving fully into this series! So much was packed in that I forgot I was reading a novella and totally got lost in the story. All the feels and I loved it all! I agree with Wyatt, Nadine was simply amazing and so strong and gave Wyatt exactly what he needed. Wyatt was pretty amazing in his own way, protective, caring, and all about Nadine.

I feel like I just discovered a new author that’ll end up on my favorite-go-to list with the way the words enclosed the Linear Tactical world around me -- plus, I kinda wanna find that kind of thing for real! Lol

The Rookie by Kimberly Kincaid
This is another new to me author that has come highly recommended and I was glad to try out this story (I actually found out that I’ve read one of her books long long ago, but that was it, so it’s like a re-introduction). I adored the idea behind the story and how (especially in the society/atmosphere we live in today) the hero was a cop (a true hero, imo) and it showcased how much they do and risk to protect us, to stand between us and the evil that’s out there. I loved the way the story flowed and found myself both giggling out loud at times and tensing up at the unknown. The heat between Xander and Tara steamed up the pages and added just the perfect bit of spice and expectation. This is a great beginning setup for a new series.

Desire in DC by Cat Johnson
It was fun getting to go back and read about Missy's parents getting together and seeing the reminder that our parents weren't always parents. What a fun (and for a few moments heart pounding) how I met your mother story.

Breaking Away by Elle James
Loved this story! Toss me in the middle of some action and keep it heart-pounding all the way through! I enjoyed how with this 2nd chance love story, they learned what was important and decided to make things work and allow the other to keep their current dreams alive, and embrace what the future holds. Fun twists and intense moments deliver a terrific story that I'm glad I took a chance on.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hart Attack by Cristin Harber

Hart Attack
2020 audio reread

Hart Attack still ranks up there as one of my top favorite Titan stories, and couples. It's awesome how much the story still hits me in all the feels now even more so than originally. Loved every minute I had back with Roman and Beth and the gang.

2014 book review

Let's try a flow chart, shall we??? :)

Have you ever read a book that captured your attention and heart from the first page and then hooked you so deep you experienced everything - not just read it? And the only possible cure for the intense and instantaneous book hangover is to start over from the beginning to relive it all again?

Yes - and you love those types of stories? Then what are you waiting for??? Hurry and get Hart Attack and dive in!

No - but you want to know what that feels like? Then what are you waiting for??? Hurry and get Hart Attack and dive in!

From the beginning, I was completely drawn into the story. I *felt* for Beth and Roman. I struggled with them, I cried for them, I laughed with them, I growled with (um, and at???) them, and I swooned with them (um, you may need a fan, or an ice bucket, or something - it got pretty hot a few times). I was overwhelmed by them and I flew with them! There was no letting up - you start out on a fast paced ride and it doesn't ever slow down. There were multiple moments where I had to make myself put down the book for a minute and remember to just breathe and even wipe my tears away!!! Even in the moments where I felt growly towards their actions, as time went on and more secrets were exposed, I not only understood, but it made me love them (and the growly moments) all the more because of it.

I love how Cristin continues to bring her stories to life with her unique voice and irresistible men and women. This is an amazing and worthy addition to her Titan series.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Jason's Angel by Cheryl Pierson

Jason's Angel
After reading several fictionalized story accounts of real historic events in the Civil War, I wanted to find some romance stories in the same time period. I grabbed this one to start with because it was a short novella and it sounded right up my alley.

Loved Sabrina's heart and compassion and strength to do the right thing, even if it was hard. Loved Jason's survival drive and honesty and the way he saw Sabrina.

If you have just a little bit of time and want to have a fast, light-weight, cute and sweet read, this fits the bill!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Review: One Hot Knight

One Hot Knight
Gambit, Check and Mate by Deborah Macgillivray

Hmmmm mmmm there's just something about the Dragons of Challon world that Deborah Macgillivray created that keeps me coming back to it and wrapping me up in the feel-goods.

This tale is about Cianna, the Lady of the Isle, finding herself trapped in the hands of Fate as she faces Iain Sinclair, the Black Lord of Dunnascaul (and he's as charming as his name implies), in a bid to save her people. Both have a need that they are drawn to desire the other to supply, however wariness and jadedness tarnish some of that trust. And oh the games and intrigue that follows, in words and in deed, and of the heart, just delightful! (in a I'm so glad I'm experiencing this through a story and not in reality kinda way! haha). I love their strength of character and spark-filled interaction with each other. And the fierceness that Cianna displays to protect what's hers - deep happy sigh - and the way Iain gives Cianna what she needs - beautiful (and fun!).

And when my (still pretty sure top) favorite Challon and his woman arrive on scene - cherry on top!

If you're a fan of the Dragons of Challon series, you definitely don't want to miss any of the short stories in the medieval anthologies Deborah Macgillivray is in - they're all based in the same world and just add that much more depth and beauty to it. Plus, even though they're shorter/novella length, they all pack a satisfying punch.