Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Burn Me anthology


I wasn't expecting each story to be just the first part of a future book - and I'm kinda torn on that. On one end, I'm not a fan of cliffys, unless I know to expect them - so a heads-up about that would have been appreciated. But alternately, it's cool to get a taste of several stories and know that YAY! - more will be coming (because isn't that always the complaint on short story/novella anthologies: we readers always want more)!!

Burning Bridges by Mayra Statham
Mayra Statham is the reason why I picked up this anthology - I've adored all her stories I've read so far and Burning Bridges is a fun story right along with the rest. Mav and Sophia meet, but it turns out, he's her older brothers best friend, so all of a sudden, they're forbidden. And y'all know what happened with the forbidden fruit, right? Stolen tastes lead to more..... I'm definitely looking forward to how this all works out.

Adrenaline Rush by Shantel Tessier
This was my first exposure to Shantel Tessier and let me say.... I cannot WAIT to get the rest of Reagan and Karter's story - especially with how we're left hanging. I'm looking forward to watching Karter earn his HEA.

*will add more as I continue through the book*

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wicked Games by Samanthe Beck


I loved seeing Ian and Stacy's relationship develop more after their initial meeting in Lover Undercover.  It was a fun little suspense and included some sweet and hot moments.

I think to get the most enjoyment out of their relationship you need to read the previous book first so that you get more of the history - then you can really feel the heat and connection between the characters

Detach and Target by Ashley C Gillis

Detach and Target is the debut novel for Ashley Gillis and is quite impressive with the details that have been poured into this story, drawing you into a world where evil reigns and good won't rest until it's defeated.

This isn't my usual type of reading, as it's heavier on the action side of the story, but twisted within the pages is a heart warming (and sometimes, heart wrenching) love story being weaved for Kendra and Trevor. Experiencing this book through the opposite side where the focus is more on the action and the relationship between a military team as a whole and not just the main couple brings a unique view point to life and one that I appreciated. The banter and bond between all characters is a trip and specifically watching the love grow between Kendra and Trevor was beautiful, especially seeing it through the secondary characters. I found myself wishing for some happy-ever-afters for a couple of the other members of the team and enjoyed getting to know them and begin to fall for them as well.

I found myself experiencing all the emotions I usually love to feel: giggles, sobs, smiles, fear, and just plain happy.

Be aware, however, that this does have a cliff hanger for an ending. I found myself expecting one ending and the twist at the end leaves me craving for more (and to maybe do a bit of bodily harm to someone). I suppose in the time before the next book is written, I'm making my own ending up to give my heart some peace before I have to get myself back to the reality of the story. There are some hard moments to make it through, but I have faith that the next book will make everything worth it.

Protecting the Future by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #8)

What did I love about this book?

Getting to spend time with each of the couples and see how their families have grown and their lives have changed. Enjoyed getting to experience more milestones with them. Seeing them together supporting each other. The different main story threads (the women dealing at home and the men dealing on the mission) in the story was perfect -- not so easily dealt with to make it cheesy, but not so drawn out to make it angst-y and overly drama-filled.

What did I not love about this book?
The fact it marks the end of the SEAL of Protection series.

I did love seeing how Susan Stoker has built her words and has given us tastes to what's coming up, and how we'll never fully say goodbye to our SEALS. This was the perfect fairy sprinkle topping on the icing on the cake that is the SEAL of Protection series! Beautiful way to end!!

Justice for Mackenzie by Susan Stoker

(Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, #1)

Sweet. Exciting. Low drama, high suspense. Giggles and smiles. Sexy and endearing. Loved it!!

Assisting Aimee by Susan Stoker

(The Omega Team; Delta Force Heroes, #1.5)

Susan Stoker nailed yet another book perfectly!!

Despite the short length, I completely bought into Aimee and Tony's relationship and connection (didn't feel rushed or like it came out of no where), felt the drama at the school was well developed (so sad and scary, and unfortunately, very realistic), and loved how overall they weren't miraculously healed of their hang-ups, but instead they complimented and helped the other walk through the trails.

This is a sweet, emotionally-gripping (with the conflict at the school), fast paced, entertaining, but deep read. I felt like I was totally absorbed into Tony and Aimee's story and really, my only complaint is that I wish it could have been longer! haha!

Rescuing Emily by Susan Stoker

(Delta Force Heroes, #2)

Rescuing Emily is a sweet, easy, intriguing story that captured my attention from the beginning. I was looking forward to the story after getting the hints from Ghost and Rayne's book and wasn't disappointed at all! It's the kind of story I've come to love getting from Susan Stoker - plus there was a bit of a recap as part of this story runs parallel to the first book so the different perspective was cool to see - as well as getting to reconnect with Ghost and Rayne.

Anne was an adorable addition to the story - I totally melted watching Fletch fall for the daughter as he fell for the mother.

The Guardian Mist by Susan Stoker

Read in the Ever My Love anthology.

Sweet short story with a cute hea.

Protecting Jessyka by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #6)

Protecting Jessyka was a quick, entertaining read that fit in well with the rest of the books and was a great addition to her SEAL of Protection series. I enjoyed getting to watch someone as sweet as Jess fall for her SEAL - and watch Benny learn how to take care of his woman. The twist towards the end was a interesting switch, and as always, getting to be a part of the growing SEAL team family is always a blast! Looking forward to what's coming next!!

Rescuing Rayne by Susan Stoker

(Delta Force Heroes, #1)

Oh my!! This story blasted it's way to the top of my favorites list and (gasp!) even knocked a previous Susan Stoker hero fav down! :)

From the beginning, you felt the anticipation and build up and connection between Rayne and Ghost. Even though their relationship began as a "one night stand" - Susan wrote it so that you definitely felt the "more" that they did, even if Ghost was just too stubborn for his own good the next morning. Shoot, I even felt abandoned the next morning! But how they stayed on each other's minds... so sweet!

Then the event that brought them back together again.... It took my breath away in both a good and bad way (bad, because well, let's be honest, what they went through was horrific!! But good because of the emotions and determination that followed).

Getting to spend time with the other characters in the story both new ones with future books and some previous favorites! Man, I think I fell even harder for Wolf in this story!! The wisdom and get-your-butt-in-gear convos both Wolf and Fletch had with Ghost -- swoon!! -- was awesome -- I'm looking forward to many future stories!! Again, we have a group of guys that take each other's backs, and then enclose the women into their protective embrace. I'm almost jealous for that older brother protection IRL. haha!

The drama and tension both between the couple and from external circumstances was handled perfectly: just the right amount and no unnecessary long drawn out emotional drama. This is what I've come to expect from Susan Stoker and I have faith it'll continue to be that way!

Susan continues to deliver great stories that are a delight to get lost in. Because no matter how much she may torture us with events (um, anyone remember the last few chapters of Dax and Mack's story???), she never fails to follow through with a beautiful HEA. Oh, and just enough of a tease for the next story.

I'm already planning on re-reading this book often!

Protecting Summer by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #4)

Loved watching Mozart and Summer's story unfold as they meet and fall in love and work through their own set of trials and struggles. This whole series has provided me with the adventure and emotions I love to escape into, but with a bit of a lighter feel. Exactly what's needed sometimes!

Protecting Cheyenne by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #5)

Loved watching Dude and Cheyenne's story unfold as they meet and fall in love and work through their own set of trials and struggles. This whole series has provided me with the adventure and emotions I love to escape into, but with a bit of a lighter feel. Exactly what's needed sometimes!

Protecting Caroline by Susan Stoker

 (SEAL of Protection, #1)

Loved getting to see Wolf and Caroline fall in love and survive through some adventures together. The way you see the SEAL men behave as men and protect their woman: that's what good stories are made of. Looking forward to reading through this series!

Protecting Melody by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #7)

Love the way Ms. Stoker closed out her SEAL of Protection series (and the cherry on top is what's coming this winter -- a look in the future for them!).

Tex and Melody story blew me away with the sweet and the twists! Loved seeing their devotion and love grow from their online friendship. Definitely a great way to close out the series on a high!

Justice for Mickie by Susan Stoker

(Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, #2)

Justice for Mickie is a sweet and exciting book that threw me for a loop - and I loved it!!

I enjoyed getting to experience Cruz and Mickie's story and journey along with them as they fell in love. Cruz took such great care of Mickie and showed her just how special she was - I loved the slow growth between the two of them. Mickie was so sweet and innocent - but yet strong and determined. You could feel Cruz's need to protect her.

There were a couple of twists that I wasn't quite expecting. And while I read the warning - there still were some surprises I was floored by - however they fit in with the story and kept to the tone of the book.

Justice for Erin by Susan Stoker

(Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #9)

I really enjoyed watching Erin and Connor's relationship grow and how he was compassionate and observant of Erin's needs and fought her demons. Erin's vulnerability and strength (and issues) made me both identify with her on so many levels, and admire her in others.

I'm glad I got to experience the truth and encouragements and reminders buried in the story.

Marrying Caroline by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #3.5)

I really enjoyed getting back together with the team and taking some time off to experience some normal down-time with them for a wedding.... or try to at least! :) So happy to get to see Wolf and Caroline tie the knot!! This was a sweet little addition to their HEA.

Protecting Fiona by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #3)

I really enjoyed escaping into this story! Cookie and Fee dug deep into my heart and settled in for the ride. What a heartbreaking and heartwarming adventure!

This was the first book I read by this author and it won't be my last.

Protecting Julie by Susan Stoker

(Hot SEALs; SEAL of Protection, #6.5)

Fun short read. I wasn't a fan of Julie from Fiona's book, so I enjoyed seeing how Susan Stoker could redeem her for me. She deserved to be loved and cared for like everyone else.

Protecting Alabama by Susan Stoker

(SEAL of Protection, #2)

Another awesome escape story by Susan Stoker! I love how she's built this SEAL world and how her men protect and take care of their women. Sure, they aren't perfect and can do some pretty hurtful things -- but they also know how to fix what they broke! One of my favorites in the series, with Protecting Fiona being top favorite.

Marrying Emily by Susan Stoker

(Delta Force Heroes, #4)

Wedding and a robbery?

Sweet quick story filled with all sorts of feels. Loved this peek into Fletch, Emily and Anne's life and catching up with other treasured friends. Of course you know they gotta have some kind of excitement, and what better excitement could there be than watching Daddy Fletch and his special forces brethren do what they do best? Kick some....booty!!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Texas Redemption by Linda Broday

The journey to Redemption for Brodie (Shenandoah) and Laurel is filled with twists, turns, pain, beauty, hope, forgiveness, surprises and grace. While there was a bit more struggle and time spent to get Brodie and Laurel to fully connect, there was enough spark and simmering passion between them to ease my heart. I was so thrilled when they were finally able to be fully together - and the last major pieces of Laurel's pain was washed away.

A Texas Christmas anthology

This is a fun mini series of Christmas stories where there's alot of excitement and drama that happens when a blizzard rolls through town a few days before Christmas. Each story was delightful and gave me the fuzzy warmth I want in a sweet holiday historical book.

Give Me a Texas Outlaw anthology

Out of the 4 stories, I've only read Trouble in Petticoats by Linda Broday.

It's a sweet little short story about an outlaw who deep down has a more gentleman heart and has finally found the last piece needed to give him the new (law abiding) start he wants with his Larissa. She in turn needed someone exactly like Johnny Diamond to rescue her from her father's clutches.

This is a sweet satisfying story to spend a couple of hours with.

Give Me A Cowboy anthology

I've just read Texas Tempest by Linda Broday and loved it. I was told all the stories in the anthology revolve around the same event in the town and all weave together. I'll be going back through to read all of them.

But for now, watching Tempest find her man she's gonna have forever with was a joy! I came away with giggles, swooning, and just a happy feel-good vibe.

Give Me A Texas Ranger anthology

Absolutely loved both Jodi and Linda's stories in the anthology.  Perfect way to spend a few holiday hours out on the deck.

Be My Texas Valentine anthology

Cupid’s Arrow by Linda Broday

Deception, frustration, determination - all weave around Rue Ann and Logan's 2nd chance love story. The truth always finds it's way out, but the journey of discovery was filled with heartache and confusion. I enjoyed watching Rue Ann and Logan dance around each other (and the antics of the 2ndary characters), getting closer to the truth and the other. Logan proved himself to be quite the swoon-worthy hero - melting my heart over and over again.

**more to come as I read the other stories**

Promise Me Forever by Jules Bennett

(Barefoot Bay Kindle World)

Loved getting to go back to Barefoot Bay and experience a new 2nd chance story. This is a sweet easy-emotional read that was delightful to fall into and kept my attention captured.

The Calling Birds by Jacqui Nelson


Jacqui Nelson continues her unique voice in giving us Jack and Birdie's story. I giggled my way through Jack and Birdie's initial meeting and enjoyed wating them learn to open up and trust each other to fall into their happily ever after. Jack had me swoonin' with his attitude along with how he held himself (leanin' in the door frame? Let me be there, under his arm and gaze, pretty please!), and with the love he had for his grandfather. Birdie took a bit for me to fully connect to, but once she finally got to the place where she was vulnerable and open with Jack, she won me over! Gus.... Grandpa Gus! He made me laugh and smile and want to keep him close. Put all three of them together and it made for a fun book to escape into for an easy Christmas read.

I also enjoyed the tie into Choosing Bravery and how we got to see Birdie's hea in Noelle. She definitely deserved it.

Edge of Temptation by Gennita Low

Titan World

Fun addition to Titan World

Funny and sweet story. I liked the balance between the giggles and the action. Diya and Walker complimented each other well, neither overshadowing the other, nor controlling the other.

Flying High by Desiree Holt

Sweet little novella with an older couple who reunite and the connection is just as strong and real as ever. This was just the perfect little read I needed to escape into this weekend - hot and spicy, sweet and heartwarming, just enough drama to make it interesting, and a perfect hea.

I love stories where older couples find love and prove that your hea can come at any age. I appreciated that there wasn't alot of drama when the big secret was revealed - everyone involved acted as adults and knew there was something bigger going on.

Moonshine & Mistletoe: A Placerville Christmas Novella by Dee Burks

Cute and spicy insta-love romantic suspense kinda story. Low on angst, high on adventure, JJ and Maggie give you a feel good entertaining read. I loved their interactions, and while it did seem a bit too easy, the suspense worked well to bring them fully together and keep the momentum going.

The Dove: The Second Day by Shanna Hatfield

(The 12 Days of Christmas Mail-Order Brides, #2)

I adored this sweet book! Culver and Zee's story captured my heart with all the beauty and vulnerability and leaps of faith they took to claim their hea with each other. This is definitely one of my favorite historical Christmas books I've read this year.

Going Under by Anna Bishop Barker

Titan World

Whew! Going Under, the debut novel by Anna Bishop Barker fully captured my attention from the first page and kept me hooked to the end! I didn’t want to set it down once I got started.

What you get when you crack the (gorgeous) cover is a pool size wealth of emotion - each splash and ripple including a taste of sweet, frustrating, creepy, adorable, helpless, hopeful, healing, and love. Max is a swoon-worthy hero who definitely loves a challenge and has a knight-in-shining-armor heart of gold. Becca protected herself with some pretty intense walls, giving off an air of unapproachability, but our knight wasn’t deterred and we got to experience her spirit bloom under his attention, showing us the smart, strong, vulnerable, and love-worthy woman she truly is.

Because it’s a Titan World book, you also get a glimpse of some of my most favorite Titan characters. Their true-to-character appearances are just the icing on the cake! I giggled often seeing how they made their presence known.

There’s steamy moments, creepy moments, swoony moments, and intriguing moments all wrapped up together in one hot package. You don’t want to miss this story!

The Princesses by Alexa Riley

(The Princess #1-4)

Love the UNEXPECTED PRINCESS bonus story -- as the rest of the princess series, dirty-talkin' alpha kings take their princesses - and it's just a fun, quick, quirky escape.

His Princess by Alexa Riley

(The Princess, #1)

Cute, fun, ott, spicy little escape! Perfect for when you only have a few minutes and need a quickie.

Plus, I love the cover -- it totally caught my eye! And the story inside lived up to it -- so fun to disengage from reality with and escape into an alternate reality where I can soak up a hearty helping of alpha and insta-love!

McCade's Way by Mara McBain

This book was a mix of 5 stars and 2 stars for me.

I loved the overall story and how alpha Trey was and how he truly did care for Gen even though he fought against it because of his hang-ups from his first marriage. HOWEVER!! His hang-ups do NOT allow for him to cross the line from alpha protective to abusive/controlling. Which I felt happened often enough throughout the book to be uncomfortable by it. Does he back off and relax some? Yes.... but I'm not sure if he ever was freed from the abusive/controlling tendencies.

Gen came from a bad situation and landed in a somewhat bad situation (see my conflict above) - so she was a mix of strong, but yet, almost doormat for Trey. I don't agree with how she excused/brushed some of Trey's actions away, but I also like how she wasn't always afraid of him and willing to stand up to him.

Did they work together well, learning to give what the other needed? Yes. Do I wish that Trey wouldn't have crossed the line? Yes. Do I wish that Gen would have stood up to Trey more and not allow him to kowtow her? Yes.

So why the conflict and 3 stars? Because while I was not impressed with some of Trey's actions, I still find myself drawn back to the story for whatever reason. I think if I close my eyes to Trey's OTT alpha actions/abuse, I could love the story fully - and because this is fiction, I can do that.

Forbidden Princess by Alexa Riley

(Princess Series, #4)

Fun, hot wrap up!

Loved the entire princess series and so glad we got Tabitha and Vlad's story! This was a very quick, very spicy, very special little escape!

Extreme Love by Abby Niles

Love to the Extreme, #1

Sept 2015 reread update: I still absolutely love this book, maybe even more with the latest up-teenth reread. Never fails to touch my heart and help my messed up eyes see things differently. This remains one of my favorite fighter stories and one I will keep coming back to.

2013 review

When I finished reading Extreme Love I was completely blown away! I am having a hard time finding words to express how much the story touched me and how much I enjoyed it!! I connected so closely with Cait and her weight struggles. She touched my heart with how she dealt with her her internal struggles and also inspired me. I loved how Dante pursued and loved her. He saw beyond her struggles and was willing to break through all her walls.

Abby, thanks for writing such a great story and sharing your struggle too. It helped encourage me and was a great escape.

Music of the Soul - Katie Ashley

Runaway Train book 2.5

This was such a sweet story of Abby and Jake's wedding and first few years of marriage - a great ribbon to tie up their story with. I enjoyed seeing the struggles they went through (it wasn't always perfect) and how they in turn grew closer and learned to deal. The bits of the song lyrics we got for Jake's song to Abby - beautiful! Made me tear up!

Beat of the Heart - Katie Ashley

Runaway Train book 2

Katie didn't disappoint me in AJ and Mia's story!! I actually read this book before reading the first book and got hooked right away! I enjoyed how Katie wrote a fun, sweet, hot story that wasn't all fluff and it wasn't all over-the-top angst-y as so many other books tend to be these days. She definitely had me falling into the rocker world and enjoying my stay there - and wanting to come back for more!

Music of the Heart - Katie Ashley

Runaway Train book 1

This was a very sweet and fun rocker story - I think except for Rock With Me, this is the only other Rocker book/series that I've found that I really enjoyed. I identified with Abby on lots of levels and enjoyed watching her help show Jake the way. :) Watching Jake fall for his Angel, what a fun and beautiful trip!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Cookies & Kismet by Mayra Statham

(Hope Falls Kindle Worlds Novella)

5 snickerdoodle stars!! (and I had to make snickerdoodles this weekend, although I didn't have as much fun as they did in the book!!)

What a great story!! I've been needing something to help get me out of a book funk, and I wanted a Christmas theme (seeing its the season and all!) and this did the trick! Cookies and Kismet is a feel good, easy, sweet, spicy, just made me smile big kinda story. Loved it!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Baby, It's Cold Outside (anthology)


Absolutely loved Emma Chase's story with Drew and Kate. Perfect addition to her Tangled series. 5 stars

Enjoyed Kristen Proby's story with Bax and Grace. 4 stars

Working my way through the remainder of the stories.

Royally Matched by Emma Chase

 (Royally, #2)

Fun book, lots of laughter, lots of sweet. Prince Henry and Sarah melted my heart.

I'm not into "dating shows" at all whether on TV or in books, but this was a pleasant surprise in how it was a plot line, but only to move the story along. And teach some lessons. Ha!

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

 (Royally, #1)

Hilariously sweet and easy to escape into. I enjoyed watching the prince fall for his girl and struggle with trying to find a way to balance the desires of his heart with the demands of a kingdom. While the drama towards the end rather hurt to experience, I appreciated how it didn't drag on forever and how it all worked out.

If you're wanting some easy summertime reading that's guaranteed to provide a good time, get this book!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Identity Crisis by Rochelle Paige

Once I started this book I couldn't put it down! This was a very sweet, fun, intense, exciting, spicy read! I loved how sweet and adorable Delia was and how Blaine cared for her. I loved how while she stood up to him, she also acknowledged Blaine's need to protect and shelter her. Blaine was amazing as far as how he dealt with trying to figure out just how to neutralize the threat against Delia and take care of her, and figure out how to explore the attraction between them.

There's a small tie-in with Framed by CP Smith, and just sayin', both books aren't to be missed! Great stories to get lost in!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lick by Kylie Scott

 (Stage Dive, #1)

Over a year later since I first read this book and I still love the story just as much!! Love how these two connected and worked together to build their relationship.

Tied with Me by Kristen Proby

 (With Me in Seattle, #6)

There's so many others out there who write awesome reviews and really pull out all the stops... and while I wish I was one of those, I'm not. But, I do still want to share my absolute love for this book, Kristen Proby and really, the whole With Me series. Kristen is definitely one of my favorite authors and is always an automatic one-click purchase for me!

I loved seeing Matt fall for and pursue Nic. His possessiveness (not over the top, but just perfect for me!), his concern, and his seduction had me from the beginning. One of my favorite lines was Do you belong to anyone? {shivers}

I was so drawn to Nic, and I think that's because I identified with so much of her quirks and history. Loved that she found Matt and his family!

Tied with Me was definitely worth the wait and will have a permanent place on my fav shelf - next to all the other With Me books! :)

In From the Cold: Three Montana Romances by Kari Lynn Dell

Three super cute short stories that gave me the quick, sweet, happy feels I was looking for, as well as drew me into the story fully even though they were short. Quite the accomplishment.

Great into to KLD's writing, definitely now intrigued to check out her longer stories.

Fall Out by Zoe York

(SEALs Undone, #1)

Read as part of the SEALS of summer book. Sweet fun story!!

Bad Boy Brawler by Sloane Howell

(Alpha Bad Boy, #3)

haha! It's not often when I come across a story that has a definite erotica feel to it and I want to shove the dirty hot moments to the side and get more of the story because the basic of the plot was so good! Good thing I have a good imagination and can fill in whatever gaps I want. I would not complain in the slightest if the author went back and expanded this book and gave us a Brawler 2.0 and made it more a novel/novella length story and kept the insta-attraction/love bit, but made getting between the sheets a more harder-earned challenge. Devyn would so be up to it!

Quick and steamy, this story worked for an hour or so escape. I enjoyed the quicky hea and like I said, just wished the playtime took a bit more effort to earn.

Written On His Skin by Simone Stark

Abby and Roux's story is all kinds of a sweet, fun, dirty, hot, easy read. I loved seeing the curvy girl get her hottie man and how he convinced her to see herself through his eyes.

Worth the Risk by Claudia Connor

(The McKinney Brothers, #2)

Claudia Connor has totally blown me away with her 2nd book in the McKinney Brothers series! You know you've encountered a talented author who can make you fall in love with a hero who isn't your usual type (suit-wearing business man).

Stephen and Hannah took me on a ride - so many highs and lows as we journey along their stories, where they've been, and what they're living through now to discover love and healing. I experienced highs with giggles and awes, I was crushed with tears and sobs - their story was both heartbreaking (their histories) and heartwarming (their finding each other).

I loved Hannah's soft, quiet strength. I swooned over Stephen's protective, encompassing, gentle (but tough) love.

I enjoyed getting to spend more time with the McKinney family and getting to meet all of Hannah's brothers.

This story is definitely worth the risk! Although, to meet the McKinneys, that isn't a risk at all, except to loose your heart to them!

The Christmas Cowboy by Shanna Hatfield

(Rodeo Romance, #1)

The Christmas Cowboy is a charming tale gifting us with the sweetness of Tate and Kenzie.

This was my first story I read by Shanna Hatfield and I was impressed with how quickly the story hooked me, kept my attention, made me feel all the emotions and struggles and joys of the characters, and made the sparks sizzle and burn between the couple, but still kept things clean and sweet (think, a habenero berry jelly -- there's some addictive spicy kick behind all that sweet!).

Tate swept me away with how real he seemed -- super sweet, but yet, definitely a manly-man: protective, loving, determined. I wouldn't mind being around men like Tate in real life!
Kenzie adored herself to me with her vulnerability and adorableness, which was good, because her stubbornness about did my heart in at times! And when they both got on the same page, oh did they work well together!

I was pleasantly surprised with how the story played out with the various twists and turns (and not just from the bucking horses!) and the depth of the story despite the easy reading kinda feel. I'm looking forward to discovering more of Shanna Hatfield's stories.

Last Resort Motel: Room 519 by S. Van Horne

This easy to read novella delivered on several of my favorite things: insta-love, damsel-in-distress, alpha male needing to help straight out his woman, little bit of suspense, low angst. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

Flight Forward by Piper Reagan

Fun little fan fiction story based off one of my favorite books in the Fighting Series.

I loved how this story tied into the series as it exists, and how we get to see Katherine find her deserved hea after raising her family and losing her first love. Cute cute cute!!!

The Troubled Texan by Phyliss Miranda

Deuce and Rainey's story provided a short and enjoyable read. It was fun watching the two of them reconnect and find their happily-ever-after, even despite some moments where they made me scratch my head in confusion or want to shake them for their actions. But when they were on the same page: heart-melting warm! The plot line with Deuce's mom touched my heart deeply. The suspense thread kept me second-guessing myself through to the end, but it almost seemed to fizzle out for me when we finally figured out who-did-it maybe because it seemed to "easy" or because I guessed who it was from the beginning and all the extra stuff thrown in to keep me off balance was just kinda frustrating/distracting. Overall, this would be a great story to read on a lazy afternoon.

Zaiden- A Scrooged Christmas by Mayra Statham

What a wonderful Christmas story!! Despite its short length, I felt like I really knew Zaiden and Michele and felt their connection and believed in their hea. This is one of my favorite feel good easy read Christmas stories I've had the pleasure of reading this season.

Hunting Beauty by Madison Faye

 (Possessing Beauty, #4)

Spicy little fantasy read that was fun to escape into.

Although, I did have to imagine the princess as older as the age gap (with their specific ages at the time of the book) was kinda.... ehhhh.... but add a few more years on both and I felt better. lol And I had to remember to suspend my reality and know that it's more erotica so things happen in fantasy land that don't really translate to real world (or my real world!).

Riser's Resolve by Lindsay Cross

(Brotherhood Protectors; Men of Mercy #12)

Short, sweet, adventurous, just perfect little escape.