Saturday, January 26, 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Securing Caite by Susan Stoker

Securing Caite

Yay!! Loved getting Caite and Rocco's story. Love how they connected and fell in love and how their actions gave proof to those feelings. The action adventure in the story perfectly complimented the love story. So glad I picked up this book to try! I couldn't put it down after starting the sample! Haha

Monday, January 14, 2019

Until Harmony by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Harmony

Absolutely ADORED this story!! Harlen and Harmony worked out so well together -- he was the perfect amount of alpha protective and she was both strong and feminine. Low on drama, high on sweet, spicy, and swoons. Loved seeing Nico as a father of an adult woman. giggle!

This was the perfect read for me - I was needing something easy to read with a bit of OTT alpha protectiveness and low on angst, and this perfectly fit what I was needing at the time. Add in the fact they were younger characters (mid 20s) who had their crap together made it even better! ha!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Blue of Antyllus by Michael E. Gonzales

The Blue of Antyllus

Travel back to the future at Antyllus, the new world colony that after dealing with the evil discovered in Vampires of Antyllus book 4, is still rocking and reeling and settling into a new life. We meet Tanny, Nash, Joe, and Nista and experience with them the trials and triumphs of settling a new land and dealing with old hurts and mindsets along with new hope and acceptances. But there still are some around who have evil in their hearts and aren’t as willing to conform to their supposed fates. Danger and prejudices are faced as the final nefarious remnants are exposed and deal with both on a large scale and on more personal levels. Life happens and both tears of joy and sorrow are felt as the people of Antyllus claim their destiny. This is an awesome conclusion to The Unborn Galaxy series.

Love how the last part is like an extended epilogue, bringing back past favorite characters and tying up the series with fireworks. You definitely don't want to miss out on this story!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Journey To Faithful Journey To Faithful by Anna Bishop Barker

Journey To Faithful

Ohhh!!! I loved taking the journey to Faithful and settling in! I quickly became enamored by the people there and the sense of home and family and comfort that flowed from the pages.

Jake and Laura's story delivered on so many feels -- I loved watching them connect and how bit by bit, their hearts healed and their souls had life breathed back into them. I was giggling at their antics, swooning at Jake's dancing and other seductions, crying for so many things, and heart-racing in fear.

The bad-guy story line was pretty twisted and evil, and makes you hurt in a variety of ways. And that balances well with my excitement in seeing more happily-ever-afters in Faithful.

I loved how even though this book dealt with some intense and heavy issues, it was an easy read, and one I looked forward to getting back to whenever I had to pause for real life stuff.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Bombshell by Jen Frederick

OMGoodness!!!! I stinkin' freakin' LOVED IT!!! Super adorable story!

*also - amazing narrator who totally brought the story to life!!

The Sheriff and the Innocent Housekeeper by Lynda Chance

The Sheriff and the Innocent Housekeeper

fun, quick, spicy-hot story!

Coming Home by Tracy Garrett

Coming Home
Oh! Another River's Bend novella!! I'm lovin' this world Tracy Garrett has built around the little town of River's Bend Missouri. With each story I find, it's like getting to revisit a charming little town and enjoying every moment!

This time, we get to meet Mary, who's struggling through her grief of losing a huge part of her family who she was depending on to reconnect with and settle down by. But now she faces having to raise his three orphaned daughters - and then keep pushing through as her world continues to crumble around her. Needless to say, her struggles and attitude makes your heart hurt for her.

Jericho is dealing with some demons from his past, and then not so recent past. So when he crosses paths with Mary, there's quite a few snaps, crackles, and pops to maneuver through. But Jericho isn't one to shy from a challenge or do what's right, even if it's hard... especially when he's trying to put at least one of those demons to rest. He's human like everyone else, but has a heart of gold.

I was swept away in their story and loved watching them travel the path of forgiveness and determination to make it to their happily ever after. These two definitely needed each other, and the family they created with the three girls. My heart was happy-sighin' by the end.

Valentine Angel by Gail L. Jenner

Valentine Angel

Mary and her sister, Sarah, have their hands full when they discover a wounded man in their shed. Mary quickly shows the strength and resourcefulness of her character by taking charge and taking care of the wounded sherrif. She's definitely no nonsense, and hasn't fully given up on her dream of her own hea.

Jake was wounded by a outlaw he was tracking, and somehow managed to make it to a safe spot where he could find help and healing. And not just help and healing for recovering from the gunshots, but he also found healing for his heart. He was man enough to accept help, and man enough to claim his woman! Who wouldn't want to be his angel?

This is a cute little valentine story to spend an hour getting lost in.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A Heart for a Heart by Cheryl Pierson

A Heart for a Heart
This is a sweet quicky insta-love story perfect to entertain for an hour or two.

I love reading short stories that still manage to give me a connection to the characters and not just fill the pages with lust. This story delivers!

Sam and Kiera have a special connection through Cory, both wanting the best for the boy. And just in time, the best for everyone is found. I loved Kiera's soft heart and gentle, vulnerable spirit. Sam totally was swoony with his protective instincts and honor.

My favorite moments? The first time Sam holds Kiera in his arms and then later, their first kiss. Both are sweetly real (read: almost awkward before the spark) and just sweetly perfect.

A Kiss in Time by Lorrie Farrelly

A Kiss in Time
Eek! This little short story delivered some sweet goodness in an explosive little package.

Suspend belief and imagine a dream world where you know the history and feel connected to it, and then realize... You're not dreaming, but living your dream.

Cady and Collin's love story swept me away with its charm and sweet. And those kisses? Whew, I was glad I had a fan on! It's a great little story to escape into.