Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Baiting Him by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Baiting Him
Baiting Him is a sweet, adorable, and lighthearted story, easy to fall into and not want to escape. There was just enough drama to keep the story moving, but it wasn't overwhelming or heavy-feeling. Loved the moments of tough love and how most of the conflict came from outside sources. Once Chrissie and Gaston got on the same page (which really didn't take long - another win!), it was them together against the trials.

Loved Gaston's pursuit of Chrissie, always being the safe spot she didn't even realize how badly she needed. Loved Chrissie's big heart and how she took care of the people in her life.

I'm loving this new series of ARR's and I'm looking forward to what the next book has in store.