Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ride the High Lonesome by Rosanne Bittner


Raw and poignant, Ride the High Lonesome seizes your attention from the start and keeps you spellbound until the end.

Fate intertwines Kate with Luke, at first simply for survival, and then as time goes on, as a peaceful solace to their hearts. In a time and place where surviving was a constant challenge, they provided motivation and strength to each other, quickly becoming the ideal match for each other. While both had a past that created mental wounds in desperate need of healing, that vulnerability left them open to the beauty they could find together. The trials encountered built the solid foundation and trust needed to heal and move forward, claiming the good out of life they both needed and desired.

I adored being there as Kate found her strength again, let go of her loneliness and fears, and settled into the love and security Luke provided. I think she's alot like most women out there - stronger and braver than she realized, and just needed the right encouragement and time to claim that for herself. I loved Luke's deep sense of honor, respect, protectiveness, and determination. He carried a heavy burden and had some dark demons messing with him, but he dug deep and didn't allow them to destroy the good he found in his Kate. Luke had his moments of larger-than-life virility, but it was perfectly woven in with moments of vulnerability and a touch of [make you wanna growl at him], keeping him real-to-life.

This story quickly became one of my top favorite Rosanne Bittner tales, with the emotional impact, epic story-telling, and the charm of an captivating love story. Bringing the wild vastness of Wyoming to life around me, I felt transported back in time and became lost in a different reality. I took my time reading this book just because I wanted to soak up every moment spent with Luke and Kate and didn't want it to end. And when it was over, after I took a few moments to soak it all in, I jumped back in to reread favorite parts... and I can't wait to revisit them again and again!