Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Jack & Sadie by J.B. Salsbury

Jack & Sadie
Emotionally heart-wrecking and heart-warming, Jack & Sadie's story pulls beauty out of pain and gifts a well-earned happily ever after.

Jack was a hard one for me at first because who he ended up growing up to be and some of the decisions he made was unexpected, and it took me a little bit to drop my preconceived ideas. Although when I dug deeper under the surface, Jack is still the Jack I expected - Blake Daniel's son who is a fighter, who has drive and determination, and doesn't give in easily, even as much as he had a few growing-up mistakes thrown in there. But in the end, he proved himself to be worthy of his Sadie's love and got himself back on track to chase down their forever dream together. I loved how much once Jack figured out Sadie had slipped through his fingers, he went all out to get her back in his arms (even as much as some things made me cringe and drove my anxiety through the roof).

Sadie is mine.
She always has been and she always will be.
Nothing will change that.
I won’t let it.

Sadie. That girl. Her side of the story broke my heart over and over again. But despite her feeling broken and lost, there was still an intense inner strength to her that gave her exactly what she needed to survive the storms and make her way through to the good stuff. I understood the choices she made and the ones she felt she had no choice but to go with, but man, I sure wanted to wrap her up tight in a hug and protect her (or allow her to allow others to lol) from the pain that accompanied them. But her strength also gave her exactly what she needed in the end.

I always feel safe with you, Jack.

When his hands are on me, I feel safe, cherished, and like I'm the only woman he's ever seen.

There was so much beauty in Jack and Sadie reconnecting as adults and figuring out just exactly what it was in life that was worthy of pursuit. And even through the pain dished out, the resulting beauty made it mean that much more.

Loved getting to see a few glimpses of Jonah and Raven, Blake and Layla, and I adore the love they showed for their kids, whether tough love or soft love. I wanted to revisit their stories as soon as I finished reading this book just so I didn't have to say goodbye quite yet (as their stories are some of my most favs from the Fighting series and it's been a while since I've visited them).

I wonder, did you and my dad go to the same school for overprotective and bossy men?

This book felt like the pretty bow to wrap up an adored gift (Jonah and Blake's stories) and is definitely one fans will not want to pass up.