Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Survivor by Cristin Harber

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Whew, I need a moment to catch my breath after this story!

A roller coaster ride of bountiful laughter, intriguing puzzles, and breath-twisting moments weave seamlessly together to deliver a powerful story.

Cristin Harber worked her wordsmith magic again by building a world and lulling her readers into a false sense of comfortable and then just BOOM blowing it all up and piecing it back together better than imagined - repeatedly.

Both Hagan and Amanda had histories that brought me to tears multiple times. I loved how they met and the games they played getting to know the other, even as much as their games were real and honest. I connected to Amanda with some of her fears and struggles, and admired her mix of quiet and loud strength, and battered but brave heart. Her smarts and (good) attitude shined off the page. I adored Hagan's sense of protectiveness and respect, his fierce love for his family and those in his life and his determination to dig in and get deep. I enjoyed falling in love with both of them as they fell for each other and exposed more of themselves.

Then, there's Boss Man. I think he put forth a good effort to steal the show at moments, but they were always perfect timing. The camaraderie shown within the team and Jared's own brand of tough-*ss tlc still gets to me every time. Love it!

The Survivor rocked my world, packing a powerful emotional punch, and gave me more than just a enjoyable escape. Definitely a terrific addition to the ACES series and the TITAN world in general. Reading each new story in the Titan world feels like a warm welcome home that I never want to leave.